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Hartford denim company


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I started with a pair of a.p.c.'s about eight years ago. I soon thereafter found superdenim, and within two years I managed to spend $1000 I didn't really have on flathead, skull, fullcount, and sugarcane. Meanwhile I began to b

Deconstruct and reconstruct. I began building jeans from duck from joannes fabrics. I then found premium denim and began making jeans. The whole time I am studying arboriculture and landscaping at Penn state. Meanwhile Marshall is hand sewing leather in Ct, and dave is building 48 sided round riding pens all thoughout the east coast. I left school and came back home. Marshal and Dave were both around. We all went to highschool together. I shared my skills I developed and they shared theirs. We started the company in the summer working our of our parents garages. Within six months we have relocated 6 times and we are now living in downtown hartford makin jeans full-time.

It's an exciting time for the development of our company and I willbe sharing much of those developments on this thread.


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Today we started off finishing a run of aprons and beginning the construction of some all young womens jeans.



The new old singer overlock 246-45 making girls flys


And some bonus chainstitcher shots



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Details of new small girls Jean proto series


Custom Ct state seal white enamel over flat black tack buttons. made by Waterbury button, one of the oldest button manufacturer in the country. Made in Cheshire Ct. The grapevines represent the three original settlements of Windsor, Hartord, and Whethersfield. The motto on the bottom translates to " he who transplanted, sustained" this is one of the principals of Hartford denim philosophy 39caa163.jpg

Cone mills 13 oz. Indigo selvage 69872684.jpg


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The combs on the pair the guy with the yellow shirt is wearing are insane.

thats the 24 oz. denim

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how can I get an apron?

send me a check for $35 or $60 depending what style you want, or paypal [email protected], let me know your address, and you'll receive it in no time

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