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301387 if only we could all be as popular as this person

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    Had to start making them
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    bonsai, leather, tree climbing, camping
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    Jeans maker/ junk dealer

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  1. I started with a pair of a.p.c.'s about eight years ago. I soon thereafter found superdenim, and within two years I managed to spend $1000 I didn't really have on flathead, skull, fullcount, and sugarcane. Meanwhile I began to b Deconstruct and reconstruct. I began building jeans from duck from joannes fabrics. I then found premium denim and began making jeans. The whole time I am studying arboriculture and landscaping at Penn state. Meanwhile Marshall is hand sewing leather in Ct, and dave is building 48 sided round riding pens all thoughout the east coast. I left school and came back home. Marshal and Dave were both around. We all went to highschool together. I shared my skills I developed and they shared theirs. We started the company in the summer working our of our parents garages. Within six months we have relocated 6 times and we are now living in downtown hartford makin jeans full-time. It's an exciting time for the development of our company and I willbe sharing much of those developments on this thread.
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