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More of a response to your blog hjj, but damn, thats actually a pretty cool prize:


I don't doubt you'll win, btw...

Actually you dont win the frame but your pair will be displayed in the frame if you win.. Or maybe im not recalling correctly and you do win the frame.

I dont think I'll win though because the fading has been so slow so far. Wasn't motivated enough the first month, but I guess I could make up for it. But I feel 6 months is not enough.

Yeah, those 1850 duck pants are awesome. Its like the best duck pants I've ever seen from any brand and they're so accurate and detailed, and cheap!

I will get the duck and the denim version eventually. You can find a pic of them worn on their blog.

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no. 0 fabric is out of stock thats what they used on the ag1101xx unsanforized 13.5 oz denim

1301 uses no. 13 denim with the 47 - 55 type cutting

unsanforized denim available now is 12 13 & 14 all are between 13 oz to 15 oz

cuts available

47-55 type cut levis 501 type

66 type

bootscut type

ww2 type coming soon

overalls type

and a couple more nd a jacket i think

you can mix and match etc what denim to what cut .

make sure to size 1 up at least or stay true because these will shrink BUT will stretch back out fast.

good luck!

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Really interested in these - thanks for posting HJJ - can you say what the difference is in the fabrics of the 001XX and the 1301XX and, are they a similar cut to the AG1101XX? Thanks!

Thanaks everyone who said thanks!

The 001XX and 1301XX are the same cut with slightly different detailing. The 001XX has sanforized denim while the 1301XX is shrink to fit. They're the same cut as the AG1101XX.

The 001XX comes in true to size, sz 30 will measure 30" measured the BiG way.

The 1301XX sz 30 comes in at 30" raw but shrinks to about 28", but should also stretch a lot like my 1101XX did.

Basically they fit very similar to the LVC 47 like I said in my post. They pattern comes from an actual pair of 50s 501s that they cut up and not from a repro though.

Bijan, Warehouse still does the Dubbleworks 1000xx(or whatever the name is, they have some loggers on the patch) and the Warren which are both the same cut, so you could get that. But its fun to try something new.

The 001/1301/1101 are a little slimmer than the 1000xx and have a little lower rise. Its like the LVC 47 compared to 44(not exactly but sort of).

Try on the LVC 47 and order the Ooes if you like it. In my pics my jeans have stretched a lot and are sagged a little, so they look quite full. After the first wash they were more snug and I wore them higher so they looked slimmer.

Like k449 said they ship overseas and take paypal. Did you get a pair already, k449?

Btw, I handwashed my pair yesterday eve, after a little less than 2 months. They smelled a lil bad, I'm a dirty old man, you know.

I don't expect them to change much at all, but hopefully shrink down in the waist. All washing machines are cold or 30*c here in Japan so the first wash was just that. Should be some additional shrinkage now.

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I have a pair of the AG1101XX and a pair of the 2005, 1850 the logger pants pictured a few posts back. I just broke out the AG1101XX to see how they fit before ordering the 1902 doublewear bucklebacks on the OOE Yofukuten site. My impression is that they fit close to true to size, maybe 1/2" smaller? Gave them a soak in the tub, hung them out to dry, and it was tight getting into them. Two days later, they have stretched out pretty well. I fluctuate somewhere between a 35" -36" waist so I am hard to fit anyway.

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k449, are you getting yours 38 raw?

HJJ, The rise on the OOEs is lower than a 1001xx? I kinda like higher rise jeans. The cool thing is it looks like I could order a 38x34 raw, which would shrink to perfection, assuming the inseam will shrink 3". Their Type I jacket looks really nice too, but I seriously doubt they make a 48- plus I already have a Valencia LVC Type I.

What the hell, I just emailed them.

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I got mine 36" raw. According to their website, 36" raw are 36.7" raw, and shrink to almost 34.5 postwash. Don't forget though, they stretch back out approx 1" to 1.5" after wearing them for awhile. For me that translates to a little less than 36". 36" raw would end up being to big for me.

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Even though a lot of questions have been answered in regards to OOE, I will post the response I got from them as I believe a lot of it is relevant:


Thank you for your email!

We are so happy.

By the way, can you speak Japanese?!

The reply of Japanese is earlier!Ha Ha!

The fabric#13 is roughly 6 to 7 percent of the laundry shrinks.

However, if you wear it to grow and to some extent.

After washing, it's a best a little tight.

At first I explain it from the difference of the fabric.

The big difference is sanforized denim or unsanforized denim.

The sanforized denim has few shrinkages by the washing.

On the other hand, unsanforized denim shrinks by washing greatly.

It is sanforized denim from fabric No. 1 to 10.

More than no.11 and no.0 are unsanforized denim.

We own a lot of fabrics. But they are not stocks, and a number to be able to make is limited.

Please teach your preference.

We pick up your fabric whether it is several kinds.

light ounce or a heavy ounce? dark indigo or light indigo?...etc.

By the way,

*no.0,11 sorry,sold out.

*no.7 There is only one W34 inch. No.7 is sanforized denim ;A heavy ounce(Around 14.5-15 ounces)

*no.4 is sanforized denim.14 ounce.

Cf. color http://rhr.blog105.fc2.com/blog-entry-399.html

*no.13 is unsanforized denim.The remainder few.

Cf. color http://rhr.blog105.fc2.com/blog-entry-303.html

Because there are many inquiries of 1301XX, I'm sorry when it became out of stock.

But I can make it with the same silhouette with different fabric.

There is a lot of fabric which I do not yet introduce to HP.

Next, about lot number.

Lot No. is fabric No. + model No.


For example,

001XX is <Fabric No. "0"> +<Model No. "01XX">

402 is <Fabric No."4"> + <Model No. "02">

701XX is <Fabric No. "7"> +<Model No. "01XX">

AG1101XX is special, and it is jeans for events. Aging contest <Fabric No."11"> + <Model No."01XX">.Sold out.


The model No.

01XX is 47-55type.

02 is 66 type .

03 is WWII type.(But we do not make it now yet)

04 is Boots cut type.

05 is 1850's Logger type.

06 is jacket.

07 is 1902's overalls.

You choose favorite fabric and a favorite model and we can make it!

Your custom(a Mid 1960-1970's model (like the 402) in a different fabric, particularly the unsanforized Fabric number 13 )

is "13"+"02"="1302" is of couse ok!

The price is

01type + unsanforized denim = 18,900yen

01type + sanforized denim = 17,850yen

02type + unsanforized denim = 17,850yen

02type + sanforized denim = 16,850yen

For example

No13 fabric(unsanforized denim) + 01type(47-55) = "1301XX" 18,900yen

No14 fabric(unsanforized denim) + 02type(66) = "1402" 17,850yen

How much is size?


The payment method is paypal.

The total price is article charges + carriage + commission.

About the postage, I arrive during price negotiation with a mover, and please wait slightly.

I contact it later.

I make by one of them from the person whom order was decided on in turn.

I can usually send it out in around 1 week on the appointed date of delivery.

But please wait because we are busy this week.

Best regards


Ryo & hiro

http://ooe-yofukuten.com "

As you can tell, they do speak english and as edmond said, you can mix and match different cuts with different fabrics. I'm particularly interested in the other types of denim they have not yet released to the public so I will ask a bit more about them...

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So, are all the Ooe Yofukuten models based on actual vintage cuts, eg 66 type and the rest or is it just the 47 type? I noticed that the 66 type does not have hidden rivets, which is a detail of 1966 Levis right? They were bar tacked, if I am not wrong. If so, they really go into the nitty gritty details. :) Which is awesome. And their pricepoints are extremely reasonable, although not in this time when the yen is so strong. :P I think I know what my next pair would be...

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its very relevant and there are so many different choices...i got about halfway and became overwhelmed...i need a break from trying to figure it all out. i think i would get a model 2 but would be unsure about what fabric to use.

different fabrics that arent used yet does sound cool.

o the choices to pick from...


link to the different fabrics is here if not posted above already


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