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  1. Turntabloid

    Rising Sun & Co

    To be honest, I cannot say too much about this brand except that it is located in Pasadena, CA and that they claim to be custom denim tailors. Here is their webpage: http://www.risingsunjeans.com/ Well, actually there is something to say about this brand: When I was hanging out with Lewis (Superdenim.co.uk), Brett (Viberg Boots) and Samuel (Cottonduck) at the The Real McCoys/Studio D'Artisan/Viberg booth at the Bread & Butter Berlin 2009, Kay (Burg & Schild) came for a short visit. He was just back from a trip to CA. Kay was wearing a vest I have never seen before. Usually, I could not care less - as I hate vests. They never seemed to have any purpose to me, except for some extra pockets or when Sam or Pete were sporting them. Nevertheless, I immediately fell in love with this particular vest. The next posts will be dedicated to pics of the vest, I hope somebody can fill me in on the (probably short) history of the brand. They make nice jeans and duck pants too, by the way!
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