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  1. MIz, hope you and your family are safe and sound.
  2. I'd wear that jacket in a heartbeat as well, but they don't make "American Man" size, haha. I remember WH having the same (or type I) bull embroidery jacket a few years ago. My older 1001xx had the bull head patch, but you could barely make it out since the tag got REALLY dark. Got the 700s yesterday. Threw 'em in the wash on my lunch break, wearin 'em today. Been too long since I had a pair of WH!
  3. Just used my Fullcount contest winnings on a pair of 700s! I haven't had a new pair of Warehouse since Jan '07, so I'm pretty excited!
  4. Yeah, I really just found out before I posted. I was as shocked as anyone else. I like the way my pair turned out, but never really expected to win. Gordon said they were looking for (paraphrasing here) a traditional fade, instead of something that looked intentional. Now I gotta figure out what to choose for winning! I'm not complaining, it's a nice "problem" to have, haha
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! Just got on the BiG site... I won the contest- WTF?!?!?!?!
  6. Adum and Setterman's pairs look great!
  7. Hm. I always throw my jeans in the washing machine for all the cycles. Never had a problem with whatever jeans- Warehouse, PBJ, LVC, Fullcount. Wash 'em inside out. Also, the washer agitates the crap out of the denim, giving more shrinkage than a soak in my experience. The denim has to get WET, and agitation helps the fabric get fully saturated.
  8. Fuck 'em! Claim the money!!!
  9. Thanks LL. I already redid the inseams near the crotch. I need to repair some of the denim itself. I don't mind doing it. I'm good at it, it's just really time consuming. LL, here's something you can probably appreciate- Looks like I'm getting a couple of Linhof 4x5s in the near future. A Technika (with four Technika marked Schneider lenses/cams) and a (I think) Color Technika. Complete with rollbacks, finders, etc...
  10. Just posted my, uh, final exam pics
  11. Here's my pair. Didn't wear them much for the last month of the contest. I need to reinforce the crotchal area in a pre-emptive strike against a hole, and I haven't had the motivation/time to do it yet. I just got another pair of the 0105cs since i liked them so much. Anyway, on with the pics:
  12. New and old 0105c pairs. I'll post full final exam tomorrow when I can edit the pics on a way faster machine.
  13. Got my second pair of 0105c in the mail today. Will post final pics tomorrow, with new pair for comparison.
  14. Need to get pics of mine. my year ended last week. Haven't worn them much in month or so. I need to reinforce near the crotch before they get anymore wear. I ordered another pair of the 0105s earlier today. It was a toss up between the Fullcounts and the Warehouse 700s. I decided to get the Fullcounts while they are available.
  15. New Originals?! Nigel and the rest of Spinal Tap fidnuh be suin!