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WAYWT 2024 Denim Edition


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*Denim fisherman's cap
*Wooden beaded necklace
*UNIX cropped fuzzy cardigan 
*Found suit vest
*Rucking Fotten The Batman Tee
*Assorted rings and bracelet

*trusty Timex 
*Thrifted heavy canvas tote
*Vintage tea core belt w/brass buckle
*Mister Freedom Outlaw in Japanese double black denim
*Embroidered hankie from imogene and willie
*New to me Vintage Chippewa boots with Vibram soles







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4 hours ago, Geeman said:

Highland 2000



Sanders JP





If I remember well, in book Fahrenheit 451, from Bradbury in preambule is Motto : If you receive lined paper, write against lines ... And it's your case...

By the way. What kind of FC ?

Those Sanders I have too and they are very comfortable and look amazing... 

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Vintage Made in Wngland Balmacaan/Vintage Patagonia hemp workshirt from the mid 90s/RRL hand tooled indigo belt/RRL denim/Rancourt bootsIMG_2609.thumb.jpeg.53010fc82ca23ab2d2b21d6d8a5bcd40.jpeg


super shadowy so here’s closeup for better colors/detailsIMG_2638.thumb.jpeg.2d282ea1b668598b38bb02edc724faa8.jpegIMG_2637.thumb.jpeg.22d4eccbc845f81c911df638883fc635.jpeg


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Apologies for the swift lift snap on the way out of work.


Cushman sweat

Toys McCoy tee

Vintage Lee storm rider


M43 roughout boots


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SO Denim cap

NOS vintage leather jacket 

SO Found vest

197Os NYU Film school Tee

SO Vintage belt

Vintage jumbo blanket pin

Freshly soaked 501 STF Indigo x pink 

Vintage Chippewas 


Both the jacket and jeans are new, super stiff and unyielding at the moment. The jacket is almost an exact copy of my 25 year old thrashed moto jacket that found it locally for ten bones.  The jeans are my third pair in this denim (indigo X neon pink) and these have shrunk the most by far. I'm going to leave this pair unaltered and stacked for my boots. 

 I've included pre and post soak pics as well as comparison shots of the jackets. 





Jacket sleeve comparison. The old one is completely tattered. 



Jacket fit comparison. A 25 year difference. 


Pre soak and post soak. I did not size up and these shrank quite a bit and dried into the crispiest pair I've ever worn. Like burlap cardboard. Noisy too.   I was hoping for a but more room but the fit is so good I'm not mad

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IMG_2568.thumb.jpeg.a72e077cc4369f6dc834ee89202c3e1d.jpegIMG_2558.thumb.jpeg.5af77ad7e35780a7bdc0b22a9d8471a5.jpeggot these new Mf lot 64 Awa Ai. 
post soak fit is spot on. Haven’t worn jeans this trim in a bit. My wife says they’re the best jeans I own….. she likes the fitted jeans. Ha

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