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WAYWT 2024 Denim Edition


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Thanks for that. I already have sweaters that I like plenty, though, and anyway they tend to go on the outside of shirts or tees—so I’m not sure that they really play into that conversation.

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Vintage Columbia hat (stolen from my dad)

Vintage Levis jacket (stolen from my dad)


Left Field Smokestacks 



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2 hours ago, Thanks_M8 said:

Is this ivy?!

Maybe ranger mocs instead of boots? Aran, denim, and mocs is a common look for me It doesn't matter though - looks good regardless and I'm no stickler for style rules.

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Tired dad fit.

Someone else’s beanie

Bronson beater hoodie (spills/mud friendly)

Warehouse T

Cross body changing bag, child’s coat attached

Toddler sling, complete with toddler

Warehouse DD-1001XX, fully in that worn and washed to perfect fit preference and comfort level

Red Wing


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2 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

Denime - Denime - Denime - Duke Mantee - Chucks


That’s one nice jacket!!!

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