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WAYWT 2024 Denim Edition


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many thanks @julian-wolf; your tender triples and @MJF9’s freewheeling triples are setting new sufu metas!

in terms of top block comparisons between 125/132 (both size 5) it is hard to give conclusive evidence yet; the 132 started off voluminous and raw and has a few washes in its time whilst the 125 post-overdye came in a shrunken state that has needed some stretching out… with 2 days into wear on the 125, they do indeed seem fairly similar up top: the 125 has maybe 2cm more on back rise and a little less in the waist; first wear was tight but they’re relaxing now… otherwise feeling pretty positive towards them; more of a ‘standard’ jean compared to 132 but nice cut nonetheless: was hoping for more front rise but maybe there is stretch to come…

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A couple fits from the past couple days. Obsessed with the sweater so sorry in advance. 

Thrift wide brim hat 

Paul Pope Batman Tee

Coziest thrifted sweater ever

Very heavy vintage wool coat

Cheapie vegan pyramid belt 

Jeweled jumbo pin

MF outlaw in black 

Vintage Frye 






Future Monsters X Ebbets wool cap

Orange fuzz 

1999 Mike Ness solo tee

Rumpled dress pants 

Gucci horsebit 


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Vising Claremont colleges with my son. IH shirt, Tender cross-weave denim pants, Paraboots…



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