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WAYWT 2024 Denim Edition


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19 hours ago, Mtvare said:


Any thoughts on the boots? They look good. 

I bought them a year or so ago.
When I first saw them I wasn't so sure about this moc toe combo with dressier boots leather and sole. But like it does, it somehow grew on me.
Luckily the size fit perfectly.
And the boots with very nice calf leather have been very comfortable from the beginning as the Two Monkeys guys had said.

I find them to be really a unique pair of boots.

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On 5/2/2024 at 1:18 AM, smoothsailor said:

I understand you love them. Couldn’t you keep your pair from the foto shoot?

I bought them at cultizm 

Mine should deliver to me next week along with the 11.5 oz Type I. I'll try to post once I have them, though I guess you have already seen that fit...

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13 hours ago, indigoeagle said:

Nice blue combo

Which MF shirt is that? Indigo chambray?

@indigoeagle thank you, its the ARISTOCRAT SHIRT - NOS DOUBLE INDIGO TWILL

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Todd Snyder blazer/Brooks Brothers shirt/Sugarcane 1947 black/Birkenstocks. Black tassel loafers would have been ideal if I had a pair


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Last two days. 

Today: vintage Crested Butte merchandise, diy jeans, etnies. Additional closeup of the diy jeans, I like how they're coming along. 

Yesterday: straight edge tee, Eddie Bauer (started off as pants but never liked the way they fit so I turned them into shorts), etnies.





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