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Show us your leather


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My current set up. Purchased at various points across Japan.


Alzuni wallet with braided tether. (The pockmarks are from sitting on embroidered arcs...)


Belt clasp with 50 Sen coin button.


Red Moon key covers on a silver belt hook.


Plain-ass medicine bag. Also Alzuni.


Please forgive my crappy photo quality. Bad lighting in this apartment...

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I'm sure I have a better pic somewhere, but this is my guitar strap:


I particularly like the Pelham hook fastening system. Much tidier than holes and buttons.

This was made by Chantal Cordey, who worked on the leather goods for Beyond Thunderdome. She's off doing Fury Road now, so might be a while before I get to ask her if she'd make a belt...

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^ Nice, the grain texture is so interesting.

My current (SDA) and previous (RM) phone holders:



The SDA one came in saddle tan, and the colour change has been quite slow, but is developing a nice patina. The RM one came in nume (almost pink/white) and has aged nicely over almost 2 years.

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100% natural saddle leather, handmade, solid construction, sealed edges, unbranded, for 5000JPY


No logos or branding at all, something I look for in a wallet.


Coin purse with another two card slots underneath (total of 5 card slots)


New and stiff, can't lay flat yet, still breaking it in.

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You need a proxy, from japan, spe, etc.

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