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  1. Thanks guys, I have been wearing this almost everyday but just not posting enough... @Maxpower, yes washed 3rd time.
  2. UES contest 3rd month update
  3. seconded. Rafa has got some good progress Waiting for Flo's catching up.
  4. Wow! b_F's science is profound for me haha. Good info nonetheless. Like what b_F said, the important point is for the leather patch absorb the oil.
  5. Thanks! Its fun to be playing 2 months of wearing, I must admit UES denim is very suitable for Singapore's weather.
  6. Here goes, 2 mth constant wear. 1 soak, then 1 wash
  7. Wow, all the progresses are great! Will be posting mine of 2 months wear. But there is nothing near to the guys....
  8. X-post from Obbi Good Label's thread
  9. I like the fit on you. And it doesnt look like it is loose on the waist.
  10. Thanks, b_F. Good jeans makes styling easier
  11. Drop by Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies in Singapore when you are able, Sir. Dec 2013 update. After a few weeks of wearing, like I said on the journal, I find absolute no reason not to wear this daily (unless washing...)
  12. I could have not been active here for awhile, is this the smallest leg opening you have got (or I can recall you wearing)?
  13. I had the same thought when I first handle UES. Fabric resembled like Fullcount.
  14. Nice.... b_F! Looking forward to the post soak!
  15. Hmmm... yes, Marti, I would certainly encourage you to continue wearing it. The legs fit looks good and proper, except for the waist. For 2 days of wearing after soaking, I think this pair stretches fast. The denim is fantastic and it should be a good pair to keep. So, here's mine measurements. http://tuckshoprailnews.com/2013/11/29/ues-contest-post-wash-fit-400z/ Hot soak and cold machine washed. It seems weird as it looks like it shrinks just a little base on the numbers. I am quite sure I have measured them properly BiG style. However, the fit is definitely trimmed down after soak. Anyway, the fit pic.