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  1. This pair of horsehide shoes arrived a week or so ago, after a 7 month wait, from Nick's. I took some non-pants-pulling photos just for you guys: Switched laces a couple of times...didn't like the stock black nylon laces. Settling for flat waxed dark brown for now (top photo). I trimmed the edge of the 'welt' a little and reburnished it, but other than that the shoes are great! Review in the works.
  2. @SuperJackle 5" classic dress for you? Just get a close trim.
  3. Hehe, named after Canton city in Georgia, USA. I doubt Americans back in 1899 would name their company after Guangdong.
  4. @rodeo bill Interesting this topic comes up now - I've been researching and writing about this as part of an upcoming review of Big John's 009 jeans. From what I gather, the partnership between Maruo (Japan, sewing factory), Oishi (Japan, trading) and Canton (USA, textile mill) began in 1965, but really only lasted a couple of years or so. Maruo went on to create their own brand in Big John in 1967, using Cone denim and later Japanese denims. Canton Textile Mills began in 1899, with the first mill built in 1900. It was named after the city of Canton, Georgia, USA where the business was based. During its brief cooperation with the Japanese companies, Canton was already in decline. It closed down in 1981.
  5. Wow, I didn't know that. Canton Mills was American though, and they had heaps of looms and workers.
  6. AFAIK, Canton was the brand created by Canton Mills, Maruo Clothing and Oishi Trading to sell the first batches of jeans made in Japan. After Canton Mills was shut down the brand has changed hands a few times. None of the later iterations really have anything to do with Canton Mills or Maruo Clothing or Oishi Trading. The closest brands to this origin of Japanese denim would be Big John (Maruo Clothing), or perhaps Oni (founded by Oishi's son). Modern Canton stuff are Canton in trademark only.
  7. @Geeman You know, many of the nurses I work with have husbands who are tradesmen or labourers... They think I dress 'fancy', and don't realise my clothes are based on vintage workwear. I seriously doubt they think I'm misappropriating their workwear. I think the irony there may be that folks who earn their keep with labour and physical work usually don't have the inclination to debate the authenticity of how other people are wearing their clothes. At least not where I am from anyway. There's a point of cultural difference I want to point out to our American comrades: Perhaps in the US some labourers will wear their Red Wings to work or some farmers their White's Boots on their farm, but here in Australia those two brands are worn pretty much only by well-to-do clothing enthusiasts. I suspect the same applies to other parts of the world too.
  8. @Cold Summer Having left this forum for a few years and coming back, I can definitely see many of you guys having transformed senses of style. I think most of the old timers here have been through many of the 'archetypes', whether it's repro denim, repro military, biker, early century workwear/Western or whatever. Most of us seem to have ended up in a place similar to you Kyle in terms of wearing things that are interesting to us but also practical at the same time. I guess we are particular about the garments we wear, but most of us don't have a community in real life that encourages 'uniforms' or strict styles, unlike, say, some places in Japan. My point had been that clothing, as a personal interest, isn't usually just tied to practicality. Some goods and some styles speak to us personally, and I don't think one necessarily needs to be a worker to wear 'workboots'. A conversation regarding gentrification of workwear would be interesting, but at least 10 years too late.
  9. @Max Power Very true, none of us would be here if we thought about our pants in a reasonable way...
  10. I do this. And why not? It amuses me. It's like any other hobby, why does this guy need 50 different knives, or why does that guy insist on driving a specific model of vintage car? No logical reason is required. It's a hobby. What's $1k for a hobby, or $10k for that matter, if one could afford it? Very affordable compared with other hobbies like watch collecting, etc.
  11. @oomslokop Hey, they're horsehide shoes from Nick's Boots.
  12. @ColonelAngus Yeah, no doubt there are some folks who will take freebies regardless of whether they are genuinely interested in the product or not. I do suspect Shockoe or RgT, etc are more than adequate as far as 'authenticity' goes for the vast majority of people.
  13. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey there ~ TBH, as I continued to wear denim during the Aussie summer, I've grown more fond of the high water style of cuffing. No one here does it, but neither does anybody wear Nick's Boots or Anonymousism/Chup socks. Not in real life I've seen anyway, not even the dudes who sell them. The main reason for doing strange and new things on IG and my blog is to keep the hobby fresh for me. Always trying new ideas and such. Self amusement is the entire reason for me wearing denim, and I suspect some of you feel the same? Even though some of the photos on IG are very obviously posed, especially ridiculous ones like people throwing their boots, etc, it has helped me learn more about framing, angles and posing garments, which has made my blogging better (IMO anyway). With Shockoe, like many brands on IG, sponsorship and promotion through brand ambassadors is a key point in advertising. I get the sense that a lot of these guys are well to do in real life anyway, having fancy photography equipments and spare time to take lifestyle photos - they probably don't actually care about the monetary worth of the free stuff, it's more the sense of feeling important and the recognition among peers. I deal with the issue of freebies, shop discounts and product-for-review issues almost constantly for my blog - what I have learnt so far is that it is not as black and white as I first thought it would be. I'm lucky enough not to care about $300 or whatever for free denims or leathers, but the recognition and relationship that could be established are often worth the effort. Also there is the aspect of promoting people and brands we can identify with, and perhaps some people really dig Shockoe or Red Wing? It's hard to say, I'm just guessing here. With regards to Tanuki, yeah, part of their initial marketing strategy was to promote their pants via denim blogs. At the moment there seems to be no more of that, and they are relying on their dealers outside Japan to do PR - Blue Owl, Godspeed, etc. Tanuki is quite popular on reddit - the threads get quite a lot of traffic and click through on my blog for Tanuki is higher than, say, Osaka 5 stuff. They have released 2 new fabrics and 2 new cuts recently, and more collabs are planned.
  14. I take an almost perverse pleasure in doing this...
  15. @ColonelAngus Totally overdosing on Red Wing at the moment. Was going to try a pair at some point, but now less keen - just been seeing them way too much. @karanimal Would love to see more of the Julian's. Rare sight nowadays!