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  1. mikecch

    Tanuki Japan

    @mpukas Sorry to hear they don't work for you! Happy hunting on the next pair.
  2. mikecch

    Bluecylinder japan:cushman

    Those are great, and a fair price too!
  3. mikecch

    Warpweft Company

    Yum yum ~~~
  4. mikecch

    Tanuki Japan

    Cheers @lance!
  5. mikecch

    The Rite Stuff

    My T-shirt: Love the pocket flap!
  6. mikecch

    Tanuki Japan

    Pics and review of the Kaze denim Type 3 jacket is up: https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2018/11/24/tanuki-inc-japan-kaze-blueprint-jacket-kjkt3-review/
  7. mikecch

    Samurai Jeans

    Those are some Aussie safety boots called Redback with steel caps - same company that supplies some of our armed forces. Had to wear them for salt trekking and caving and what not. Only pair of boots I was able to bring on my trip.
  8. mikecch

    Samurai Jeans

    ODSJ001 These are 15 oz Texas cotton - one soak and one wash netted 6% shrinkage, so these are unsanforized for sure! Review here: https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2018/11/14/samurai-jeans-x-okayama-denim-odsj001-legacy-jeans/ Otherwise, photos: More:
  9. mikecch

    BS United Oni Denim Pics

    Hey, I really enjoy the looser fit from time to time, and also the unusual stitching details. This particular 14 oz loose weave denim is one of my fav, very comfortable, though I don't think it is available anymore. The NXX is a different beast from the old 14 oz. Much denser and breathes less, but not a bad fabric at all. I hope they release another HM next year with secret denim.
  10. mikecch

    Tanuki Japan

    Thanks Kyle. True, I think their initial marketing campaign perhaps wasn't very in tune with the hobbyist community. I feel that's largely irrelevant now, two year on, given the release of some - IMO - outstanding products. In some ways they are one of the most responsive brands. For example, they've actively incorporated feedback from the community and retailers in the cuts and details of their jeans. Despite the air of mystery, they're actually super approachable.
  11. mikecch

    Denim Stores In Australia

    I've always found Charlie, Rui, Sangho and Lee at Corlection to be very friendly. (Charlie has gone back to China at this time.) Sometimes I'll stay and chat for half an hour or more, never any problems. They always provide some neat insights and suggestions too. Certainly, if there are any issues with products or transactions, they get on top of it straight away. At times they've gone above and beyond, in terms of special order items and reservation of new season products. I'm sure whatever issues exist can be sorted out easily through friendly conversation. On a different note, Ant of Ant Hill Workshop and Levi's Australia has completed my Type 3 customisation!
  12. mikecch

    Samurai Jeans

    Dobby weave m-65! The dobby is hard to see from so far away though... a little bit like sashiko.
  13. mikecch

    BS United Oni Denim Pics

    Nice. I really like them too. I'm still working on the shin secret denim, so haven't given the Aizumi much time. Next year, perhaps. My review of the Aizumi: https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2018/04/24/oni-denim-622-aizumi-jeans-review/
  14. mikecch

    Tanuki Japan

    As promised in January, my review of the Earth denim with photos https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2018/09/29/tanuki-inc-japan-earth-high-tapered-eht-review/
  15. mikecch

    The Strike Gold

    185 cm. Yeah, they're not the longest. I probably could do with one size up, which doesn't exist.