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  1. ^ What denim brands are they stocking? Their website just says Edwin and Carhartt.
  2. Haha, my friend mentioned this the other day. Would you buy a smartphone or graphics card that's made in Australia?
  3. I wrote a thing, a commentary to Heddels' commentary if you like. https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2017/04/20/the-effects-of-japanese-retailers-selling-abroad-a-hobbyists-perspective/
  4. This article is interesting and raises some good points. I do feel like one very important point warrants further discussion, and that's the idea that Japanese brands rely on their Western stockists to promote the 'culture' and values of denim. This was certainly a very important aspect of the initial rise of Japanese denim out West in the early 2000s, though I think with the ever increasing importance of the internet and social media in our lives (and the frequency in which affluent young people travel around the world) the local brick & mortar stores are in some ways less relevant even just a decade on. My own views are a bit skewed of course, as I'd "learned" most of this hobby via the Internet. Anybody who might be interested in Japanese denim only need to spend a couple of days reading some of this forum, binge on a couple of blogs, and then contact the Japanese brands and stores directly via Instagram - for the dedicated and enthusiastic, basic "denim education" can be had digitally without necessarily accessing brick & mortar shops (although that would be helpful.) For the regulars on this forum I highly doubt that local shops are all that important to us personally in terms of actually acquiring pieces that we want, although I'm all for supporting them and helping to grow the hobby locally. Stores such as Denimio and Okayama can (and do) spread the culture of Japanese denim far more widely and effectively compared with Western stores who don't have dedicated PR/media staff. These guys can help the hobby achieve awareness digitally at a scale that physical traffic to a brick & mortar store can never match. For B&M stores to be successful, they must offer something more than just a space to try out jeans or having shop keepers who know a denim fact or two.
  5. @BlackPig Oh, sorry, I misunderstood. My understanding is that, due to a variety of market and financial reasons, there won't be a full range of items at this early stage. RMC is a bit more expensive compared with the the average heritage or denim brand too. Not entirely sure about all the details, will update this thread When I know more.
  6. Just saw on IG that GSD in Sydney will be closing down. @BlackPig Same could be said for most brands being stocked in local stores. It's that old argument of potentially save a few bucks vs. support local business.
  7. @BrownMetallic Belt looks so good! Denim too.
  8. Have people been feeding the bear? By the way, on the PC version of Superfuture you could hover your pointer on someone's username, and an 'ignore' option will come up.
  9. ^ Lol, yeah, wasn't allowed to say at the time. I think with RMC stocking it will initially be limited to more affordable and casual pieces, with the more expensive or esoteric garments being special orders. At least that's what I think Marty has planned for the RMC launch night anyway - people can come in, look at the catalogue and get some custom orders underway.
  10. Heads up for Aussie denim folks: Godspeed will be the official stockist of The Real McCoy! This is yuuuuuuge.
  11. Happy Easter denim friends!
  12. ^ Ah, for crying out loud, I don't know why you bother coming into this thread Ed.
  13. @estomaquer The pocket bags on my RR1 are fine after 6 months, but I usually don't put much in there. The gingham cloth is definitely less sturdy than, say, Kurashiki sail canvas thought. Red Cast RCT1 arrived from Nara last week. It's the Tapered fit this time: Some close ups: They upgraded the external rivets! Review will be up on my blog in a week or so!
  14. Shonan's Mimosa pit-tanned saddle leather progress! Day 0: Day 1: Day 3 (bottom): Day 5: Day 7: Day 14: