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  1. ^ Outside of Rakuten, Corlection can custom order anything provided the piece is still in production. Exchange rate from USD to AUD will work well for you.
  2. Special run of 3XL (chest sz 44) hooded parkas at Corlection. Loop-wheeled cotton fabric at 12 oz! Bought the grey and the indigo myself.
  3. We had the Left Field chino contest thread a few years back too - OOAK double indigo duck canvas from Cone.
  4. Yeah, I'm a little bit confused by the conversation. Chinos can be made with twill or plain weaves, whatever fabric we want really. Just a different style of pants from dungarees. Can be just as well made, with the same materials - makes sense the cost would be similar.
  5. ^ Given the volume of denim they move and their wealthier customer base I'm not surprised. Will check it out soon.
  6. Faler's bifold at 2.5 months. The leather is W&C's veg tanned skirting/saddle. Back when it was new:
  7. Most CXL have the dye sitting not too much further than the grain layer, with the majority of the substance of the leather being natural coloured. The tanning process penetrates all the layers, otherwise your leather will start rotting.
  8. You can't just drop by here every 5 years doing the same thing and expect different results. Sure, Superdenim is a lot more friendly these days compared with when you were using the indigoqueen handle, but most of us come here to spend time on our hobbies and we don't appreciate you coming in and treating some of these threads as your personal blog. We're not here to hear your personal stories and provide psychotherapy - all these talk of your romantic life, physical health issues and the minute details of your jeans collection are of no interest to anybody here. Stop posting garbage - look at what other people are posting, and get to know what is socially acceptable on this forum. Have you thought about using Instagram instead? The stuff that you've been posting here recently would be a much better fit with that platform, and potentially you might make a few online friends there.
  9. So this is what post-apocalypse selvedge looks like...
  10. Uh, very nice, thanks for the find mate. I wonder if there might be a version with finer, vertical striping, more akin to the traditional versions.
  11. OD selling Samurai now too.
  12. ^ Hehe, yeah, I bought a pair of special distressed dirt washed, natural indigo jeans from Sugar Cane in '07. I still have it somewhere.
  13. Hey! Do you fellas know which brand/s might be making a good prison-style (ecru & blue) jacket at this time? Cheers~~~
  14. Hey, I've seen similar discussions in the past on Style Forum in the context of bespoke Goodyear welted shoes. As far as my conversations with cobblers and other shoe enthusiasts go, there does not seem to be much anecdotal or hard evidence to suggest gemming with linen canvas is a less secure method than other methods of attaching the insole to the welt. I've never seen or heard welts 'failing' in real life, and most people talk about gemming vs channel stitch in terms of number of potential resoles (i.e. how many decades), not whether the construct fails within a few years. The ironic thing is that people who would care about this usually have way too many shoes and boots for any of their footwear to reach the final re-build. Good on Viberg for wanting to produce a more traditional GYW, but as with anything from manufacturers & shops, a bit of retail spin is to be expected. The GYW market is, after all, much more saturated & competitive compared with their traditional Pacific NW stitch-down market - spend a couple hundred more than a pair of Viberg's and you can have higher end custom or even bespoke - so naturally they'll be wanting to differentiate themselves somehow. Edit: Short version of what I'm typing is that...I wouldn't buy a particular brand based on the lone fact they use channelled insole rather than linen gemming.