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  1. Well, that's a line across Dayton for boots to try in the future...
  2. Thanks for the feedback re: Wolverine guys. b_F is right, these are Left Field's new Xinjiang cotton 14.5 oz twisted yarn jeans. Different from Red Cloud and Sauce Zhan fabrics I've tried...there's probably at least a couple of mills in China making Xinjiang cotton denim at the moment. I know the above two Chinese brands get a lot of proprietary stuff they co-develop with the mills.
  3. What's the opinion re: Wolverine nowadays? I know when they first launched the 1000 Mile boots folks here thought they were just so-so. Anyone tried the custom 1000 Mile program yet?
  4. Classic dress boots by White's Boots via Baker's. 461 last with medallion toe cap. 5 years, though worn roughly once every week or so to the hospital.
  5. Voyej Chahin belt, review up on the blog! https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2017/02/16/voyej-chahin-iv-belt-review/
  6. My Charles Atlas in 14.5 oz Xinjiang cotton denim arrived!
  7. Hey friends ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Chup!
  8. ^ Cool texture and colour mate, love it!
  9. Hello from the southern hemisphere! Gran Manitou sacrebleu T / Tanuki retro denim jeans / Tricker's espresso calf Stow
  10. For the outer, some of the leather types that are popular & easily accessed at the moment are: * Shell cordovan * English bridle from Sedgwick/Clayton/Baker * Natural vegetable tanned leather * CXL from Horween My preference would be for a high quality natural veg tan. None of the other leathers will age with as much grace or character, IMO, compared with a simple but good quality veg tan. Anything from Wickett & Craig carving leather to Buttero or Minerva Liscio would be a nice introduction to leather! Shell is popular, but I think it is somewhat of a 'superficial' material - not nearly as magical as grained leathers; best used on footwear. CXL can work well, though it dirties easily, and takes a while in terms of patina development before it looks good. English bridle lends class, though in my own experience they don't age with the some grace as a less processed or raw veg tan...IMO, more for people who want things to look new, rather than for folks who want a bit of aesthetically pleasing wear & tear. For more 'elegance', you could try a finer leather, though I don't think they will suit the bifold you have in mind: * Chevre goat * Baranil/Barenia calf * Exotics
  11. ^ What size and style of wallet? What kind of look are you going for?
  12. Tricker's monkey boots in Haas calf leather Review here. Otherwise here are photos: The Haas calf is really responsive, similar to but finer than CXL.
  13. Sad to hear things have not changed for the better over the past few years. I have not purchased Alden's since 2011, though I am hoping at some point there may be more merit to consider another purchase
  14. ^ Hey, it is a custom/prototype piece. I'm sure John can replicate it in various leathers if you like!
  15. Just placed a pre-order for the 15 oz Xinjiang cotton Charles Atlas jeans I have two different Xinjiang denims in my collection at the moment, and they are some of the nicest fabrics I've come across.