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  1. Lots of new stuff out! The new Z denim: Two new long wallets, natural and shell: Heaps of photos on my blog: https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2017/07/16/tanuki-inc-z-denim-and-long-wallets/
  2. My review of the Heracles shirt is up! https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2017/07/10/the-rite-stuff-heracles-shirt-review/
  3. What types of venues or activities? Or a meal? Maybe one of the shops will host us, Haha.
  4. ^ Spent the whole time talking, didn't even get to try the highball or the pizza Should have more events like this. Maybe we could plan a Melbourne SuFu / IG meet-up later this year?
  5. Nice to meet you too! The lighting wasn't great, but here they are: Some more photos from The Real McCoy's Australian product launch: Full set of photos here: https://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/2017/07/08/the-real-mccoys-product-night-australia/
  6. The Real McCoy's now in Australia! Product night at Godspeed.
  7. ^ Yeah, pretty much. You can do the old-school tuck with modern (lower rising) pants. But with V-shape of the shirt, it does mean that guys who are overly ectomorphic (narrow shoulders, small chest) or endomorphic (large waist, big gut) won't fit into this shirt very well. No shirt fits everyone perfectly, I guess.
  8. The Real McCoy is officially launching in Australia. Marty at Godspeed Store will be hosting a product night this Friday - I'll be there too. Come say hi to me to get your photo taken (and uploaded onto this thread and my blog ;D)
  9. The RCT1 is now in Australia, check them out at Godspeed Store. Marty at Godspeed took a snap of my own pair, now at almost 2 months:
  10. ^ Hey @Foxy2, true, the shirt is fairly V-shaped and best suited to slim or athletically built men. I'm not as athletically built as I used to be, and yes, on this shirt the waist is a little tighter than my usual shirts. Not uncomfortable to wear, but it does mean I either wear it unbuttoned, or I'll have to tuck it in. Sitting down does put some tension on the second last button, as you correctly guessed from the button hole shape in one of my previous photos. Here's a quick front shot - I'm not holding my gut in, and you can see the waist has a little tension - keep in mind I have a T-shirt underneath the shirt, and I'm also wearing a very thick belt with a huge buckle, around the area of the bottom-most button: Edit: Regarding the collar height, I actually quite like it. IMO it's a modernized version of the spear-point collar. I owned a few shirts from the 40s and 50s over the years, and one of the things I didn't like about them were the huge collars (too wide, too high or too long) that tended to look messy and creased after a couple of wears. I definitely don't like big collars with softer fabrics like chambray - the shape cannot be maintained. This neater, more streamlined collar is more to my liking, but each to their own.
  11. Quick pics while I work on my review~ Next couple of photos taken by Marty at Godspeed: So far, I've found that the shirt works best for me unbuttoned or buttoned & tucked in. The fit could be described as V-shaped. For blokes with a bit of gut, the fit can be a little restrictive. Otherwise, the shirt fits great for larger guys - see the photo below: lots of back and shoulder room, I can actually move my arms around freely, unlike most box-cut Japanese work-shirts.
  12. ^ The buckle was a last minute upgrade to the belt.
  13. @Maynard Friedman -
  14. ^ Yeah, a leather worker commented on the same thing on IG. Bill did explain to me how it was difficult to match the exact dimensions given the buckle was hand-forged, so I was lenient about this in the review - it would be another story if the buckle was ready-made or cast-made.
  15. ^ haha, I just went in with some expectations and perhaps an investigative agenda. Happy that the Aussie denim scene is growing though; having the LVC range here, officially, is pretty cool.