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  1. mikecch

    The Rite Stuff

    Excited to introduce The Rite Stuff, a project that @Iron Horse has been working on for some time. The concept here should prove interesting to most of us: workshirts which are made in Japan using Japanese fabrics, but patterned for modern Western builds. For the first ever The Rite Stuff shirt, a limited run of mid-century style, blue chambray workshirts will be produced by Lofgren. Here are some photos of the sample shirt which Bryan had received - if you follow his IG you'd have seen it a few times. A few details will be changed based on this sample, for the final version of The Rite Stuff's first shirt. The collar shape, for example, will be further modified for mid-century vibes. Already though, you can see here features of old school Hercules and Powr House shirts. The details don't appear to be strict reproduction - that's not the main point here - but a mix of features from 1940s to 1960s it would seem. I won't speculate further, as this is not the production version of the shirt, which Bryan is beginning to receive from the Lofgren shirt workshop. Though you can tell that it's a very detailed shirt, and fans of John Lofgren's shirts from a few years ago will be sensing the same vibes coming though. I'm sure Bryan will have more details for us very soon - stay tuned!
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