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  1. Shirt: Sugar cane Jacket: 3sixteen ranch Jeans: JB x OD Sapphire Shoes: RM Williams
  2. You should also ask Denimio for sizing support. They are very helpful.
  3. @mikecchWell said. Exactly what l thought. You explained it better than l could.
  4. Tell us what you think @mikecch I'm curious how they are going to sell at the prices they have set.
  5. IIRC they were selling for $370. I would rather spend my money on Japanese raws.
  6. Just saw that Levi's Melbourne Central now stock LVC line, various 501 cuts according to years, and denim jackets as well.
  7. ^^ Is there a strong sulphur smell?
  8. @Foxy2 Very nice. I like the un-cuffed look on this fitpic. Although, I rock my 103 cuffed.
  9. @mikecch l was referring to this part. If a brick and mortar store don't stock certain items that you can try before you buy. And provide you with a catalog to browse to place an order. That is the bit that l don't get.
  10. That last bit doesn't make sense. I might as well order from Rakuten.
  11. This is really bad that International customers have to pay more for PBJ and other brands that have forced retailers to increase the pricing. Personally, I think it does their brand more harm than good, as I won't be paying more. Time to seriously consider some of the Non-Japanese denim brands.
  12. ETA on the Indigo Ranch Jacket anyone?
  13. Good to see some love for Onis. Just let the haters hate. They don't know what they are missing out on.
  14. ^^No one wash will ruin your life.
  15. Samurai coin pockets are difficult to access when wearing a belt. Noticed this problem on the 3 pair l own.