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  1. @Foxy2 Very nice. I like the un-cuffed look on this fitpic. Although, I rock my 103 cuffed.
  2. @mikecch l was referring to this part. If a brick and mortar store don't stock certain items that you can try before you buy. And provide you with a catalog to browse to place an order. That is the bit that l don't get.
  3. That last bit doesn't make sense. I might as well order from Rakuten.
  4. This is really bad that International customers have to pay more for PBJ and other brands that have forced retailers to increase the pricing. Personally, I think it does their brand more harm than good, as I won't be paying more. Time to seriously consider some of the Non-Japanese denim brands.
  5. ETA on the Indigo Ranch Jacket anyone?
  6. Good to see some love for Onis. Just let the haters hate. They don't know what they are missing out on.
  7. ^^No one wash will ruin your life.
  8. Samurai coin pockets are difficult to access when wearing a belt. Noticed this problem on the 3 pair l own.
  9. "Are you not entertained?"
  10. Has anyone bought a pair and hate it? I like to hear trash talk from someone that have experienced them.
  11. @mikechh that is awesome that you are behind Tanuki.
  12. Not popular but definitely on my radar...l really like the measurements on this cut. If it was in a black,ID X ID or ID X Black l would get them immediately.
  13. @mikecch can you please share where you got the regular cut from? Or has Tanuki gone too far with their marketing and made that a secret as well.
  14. Glorified JBJ from what I've seen. But will save judgment for later when I see more posts about them.
  15. Ok, my turn to play. Brand Model Name/Description 3Sixteen SL-220x - Slim Straight Selvedge Denim in Solid Black Earnest Sewn Fulton Straight Leg Edwin BT503 Straight Leg Edwin SEN New Vintage Selvage Tight (Skinny) Enishi Yoshi 1Wash Straight Eternal 883 TIGHT STRAIGHT SELVAGE OW DENIM Momotaro BOM004 Momotaro x Blue Owl "Silk + Zimbabwe" Tapered Momotaro 0702 Deep Indigo "Tight Straight" Momotaro BOM005 Momotaro x Blue Owl "Midnight Warrior" Tapered Naked & Famous Weird Guy - Grey Selvedge Naked & Famous Weird Guy Elephant 2 Selvedge Denim in Deep Indigo Naked & Famous Weird Guy Selvedge Duck Canvas in Vintage Khaki Brown Nudie AJDDO Straight Leg Oni Denim 271XX Regular Fit Tapered Leg Oni Denim ONI-527OR 20oz Olive Secret Denim Tapered Leg Oni Denim ONI-517XXBE Low Tension Tapered Leg Oni Denim ONI-575SV 22oz Natural Indigo Kabuki Vedge Pure Blue Japan PBJ XX-009 Deep Indigo Regular Fit Tapered Leg Pure Blue Japan XX-020 POP-UP DENIM -TAPERED SLIM - (OW on request) Samurai S0500XX Mid Rise Tapered Leg (Texas Cotton) LOT# 13 Samurai S5000BK Mid Rise Straight Leg Fit Black Lot# 14 Samurai S5000VX-15TH LOT# 16-070 Sauce Zhan Ocean Studio D'Artisan SD-103 Mid/Low Rise Taper Leg Sugar Cane Hawaii SC40401A Sugar Cane SUGAR CANE black type 3 slim straight SC41470 The Flat Head F380 Straight Leg The Strike Gold SG2109 Pure Gold Slim Tapered