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  1. Ed, Just double checked my invoice from Warehouse. It does say one wash. I will add that my drying cycle was done on extra hot, and it was two cycles back to back.
  2. My DD1001 1947 shrank to fit just like my regular 1001. Hot soak/hot wash/hot dry.
  3. @SLAB it looks like 14.5oz
  4. Higher front rise on the 1001, which I think adds to the roominess.
  5. I'm compelled to give a partial response, being that I posted a picture of 3 variations of the 1001. I also have the 1000XX. The taper on the 1001 is not a strong taper. If you're looking for something with s stronger taper read the last few pages for advice. I think the 900 is mentioned most often. Now, out of all the jeans I own in size 36, Warehouse have the most room. I prefer the fit of all my Warehouse jeans after a hot soak/hot wash/extra hot spin dry. I think I'm in the minority with that process, or maybe all that means is I should have sized down. By comparison I have three pair of Samurai. Two 5000 variations, one 710. Two size 35, one 36. I prefer the fit on those a few wears after a cold wash/hang dry combo. They need a wear or two to stretch back to pre-wash measurements. Hope that doesn't muddy the waters for you. Perhaps someone with all three pairs will chime in.
  6. Looks beautifully constructed. The depth of color is great.
  7. Neither practice lends itself to a sustainable business. If my vendors give me cause for concern, I start lining up alternates to protect my business, customers, receivables, and payables.
  8. All tagged size 36 Bottom-1001 20th Anniversary Natural Indigo Middle-1001 Top-dd1001xx The 20th Anniversary are huge. I can pull them on already buttoned. The other two 1001 are nearly identical in measurements and fit, the only differences are fit, and probably due to amount of wear.
  9. @Blend you nailed it. It ain't our issue, so why should we have to shoulder the extra fees to fix it.
  10. I saw your other pictures someplace else , and from the back it does not look tight at all. Beautiful peice, and very well made.
  11. The jacket is great! That fit wouldn't work for me. I also wear a 42 in ONI type 2 and type 3.
  12. Like I need another shirt....
  13. I could very well be wrong too. I'm not against price increases, but I am against increases that are not due to increased cost to produce or supply and demand issues. Don't forget this price increase does nothing to add value for the end user. This price increase is for BIG to have price protection, to gain more of an existing market, by taking away sales from OD and Denimio. PBJ is not getting the extra $. OD and Denimio are not paying extra $. Will BIG sell as much more product as OD and Denimio MAY lose? Tough to guesstimate that one. Who will lose? Customers lose $, PBJ may lose sales. Maybe decreased volume means somebody loses a job. Nobody wins. What happens when cost to produce does increase? It will be that much more difficult to pass on the legitimate increase. What did OD put in their letter? 30-40% increase? That is a tough pill to swallow that any conscientious consumer would have to stop and question. BIG and PBJ wanted consumers to look at BIG as a retailer due to price. Might those same people looking to BIG based upon price, now also consider other brands based upon price? It's possible. BIG and PBJ have already used price as a motivator. It has the potential to backfire. Again, I very well could be wrong.
  14. I guess that makes sense. There should be an app for that, that ties into accounting/inventory software and the webstore simultaneously, and that updates prices in all currencies daily. Then again, there would need to be one more piece of the formula that would be PBJ/BIG/OD/Denimio specific to make sure there are no advantages, no matter what a currency's value is.
  15. They are using this int'l pricing as a very poor band aid. It won't solve the problem long term, just make BIG feel like PBJ is trying. On the last page you mention exchange rates. Exchange rates change often, are the prices at Denimio at OD going change as often? What if Denimio and OD don't have the staff to change prices on every item each time the exchange rate changes? What happens when the dollar drops in value? Will BIG lower prices? No because their costs remain the same. You also mentioned location in relation to cost of doing business. That is BIG's issue, and I'm sure their location also gives them advantages OD and Denimio can't calculate and ask PBJ to make up for through asking all other retailers to adjust pricing. This is a really bad band aid that is going to expose bigger problems. Once PBJ answers BIG's request, they should, honorably, answer any requests by all their other retailers. When you play out all possible scenarios this becomes a very slippery slope.