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  1. ShootThePier

    Pure Blue Japan

    I saw that. Size 36 thigh is 14.2, hem is 7.9. And that is on the raw, not one wash. But I’m guessing minimal shrinkage due to the Double AI.
  2. ShootThePier

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Yeah. His craftsmanship is tight! At least you won’t be breaking in the jacket and jeans at the same time! And post the unaltered pic for us to enjoy, we’ve waited long enough with you.
  3. ShootThePier

    Studio D'artisan

  4. ShootThePier

    Studio D'artisan

    @beautiful_FrEaK thank you. because of your link, I searched and found one of my grail jeans. So many details that made these special, I had forgotten about, or never known. Denim weight and color always stood out to me. And, I’m going to have to drop some lbs to enjoy them, but in the mean time...
  5. ShootThePier

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Here is seven staring at me. I think about twenty more behind. left to right Hanger1 - TFH RJB Corlection hanger2 - SDA X-s36, SEDB Natural Indigo hanger3 - SDA 40th Anniversary Cherry Blossom hanger4 - WHR 1901, KMW hanger5 - SDA DM004 then the denim curtain is parted to reveal.... more denim. and then, four in a drawer.
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