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  1. The triple black looks great.
  2. Congrats MP! Gonna have to save those Warehouse for your firstborn now.
  3. It was good. From a historical perdpective it shared some info I would have never pursued(Jordache, CK, Iggy Pop). There was a lot about "fashion" jeans, and it mostly followed Junkyard Jeans from California to Tokyo.
  4. And don't say, "knowledge is it's own reward".
  5. I think I now the secret. Mega is there a prize for that?
  6. I was thinking about those also, but I can't bear the thought of pedaling in them daily.
  7. +1
  8. That is the 15oz denim, correct?
  9. Fit looks great.
  10. Wow. Good stuff. Mine are still in the rotation, but no noticeable wear like yours.
  11. Wow!
  12. Way to rock em Reudi!
  13. Looks uncomfortable, especially if you put s camera in it.
  14. My 1000 and 1001 fit very similar. I prefer the banner denim on my 1001. Sorry, I don't have experience with the 800. BIG and Warehouse did you right.
  15. Doth protest too much?