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  1. Looks uncomfortable, especially if you put s camera in it.
  2. My 1000 and 1001 fit very similar. I prefer the banner denim on my 1001. Sorry, I don't have experience with the 800. BIG and Warehouse did you right.
  3. Doth protest too much?
  4. That is a can of worms. Part of me wants to open it up, the other part of me knows better. I'm already arguing with myself. Thst said, what is "more" ethical? Loyalty to a retailer vs a few retailers, or loyalty to retailer vs the end user? How about demanding certain online retailers raise their prices when that retailers costs have not increased?
  5. I think what we're seeing right now, right here, that at this price point, it is more than quality that is important to many of us. To me, I see an additional aspect to the Portugal theme. Japan has a denim scene based upon reproduction, quality, and a dedication to repro that goes so far as to not improve on past mistakes. Overall that speaks to me of dedication, discipline, and patience. The same as an Italian sports car, tobacco from Pinar del Rio, or German high performance sedan. Maybe I'm fooling myself...
  6. For each of us the rabbit hole is a different depth.
  7. No need to feel "ballsy". That is obviously a very important point in your purchasing consideration. S&S, and Indigofera should have no problem answering. If they do, well there's your answer. Things are important to different people for different reasons, none are wrong.
  8. I've seen that pic on Grailed. Size 34, I think.
  9. Depending on your size Havenshop has some in stock.
  10. I completely get where dwth is coming from. On this sub forum there is an understanding that cost is the least of our concerns with the products we discuss. Because of that there are certain principles we expect manufacturers to adhere to, a sort of unwritten agreement. I can't speak to Portugal's garment industry standards, quality control or observance of ethical labor practices. It sounds like lower wages in Portugal is a given. Lower wage = lower quality is not a forgone conclusion, but in many other industries it is a strong indicator. To be fair, if a company puts lower costs above higher quality they are not going to get much favorable discussion here in the long term. I heard Clark's mentioned as a Made In Portugal brand. I have never tried on a pair, but in discussions I've read comparing them to White's, Wesco, or Viberg, Clarks is always near the bottom. That is what I was interpreting from dwth's posts.
  11. AND, the limited numbers of any item each Japanese manufacturer produces. Do the math. How many pieces does SE carry of a manufacturer? How often are their new releases? Split SE inventory between 5 stores and online? Consider the mark-up mentioned by Giles. If SE's volume is make or break for a brand, I would have to say that brand is still in danger. Concerning BIG, they have become irrelevant, nearly impossible to find availability, in all denim. If they are trying to hold brands hostage to having other outlets raise prices, they should at least have inventory once the prices have been increased. Fail! Whatever happened in the past is past. PBJ should not tie their future to a couple of shops that helped them when they were smaller. The shops carry many other brands. I still say a PBJ started digging their own grave when they forced OD and Denimio. They still have time to stop digging, but it sounds like they are going to start using bigger shovels.
  12. I'm close enough that shipping is around 24 hours. That said, I think 15 days total out of my hands.
  13. Mad props, AGAIN, to RFG for their "Denim Services"! Got my hem jobs back, perfect! Fast turnaround. They have done at least 7 jeans for me with results exactly as requested each time. Thank you very much!!!
  14. First "Extra Hot" wash and "High" temperature spin dry. Multiple cold washes and hang drying in the past.
  15. Ok. After hot wash and hot dry. w 34 inches i 33 inches t 12.25 inches h 8 inches