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  1. LuckiestRacoon

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    FWIW, after Volvo's lauding, re-built.jp seems like it would be a great potential option.
  2. LuckiestRacoon

    Tanuki Japan

    I'm tempted to get the Regular Straight. The pics of the Earth model here look great and the 14oz appeals - I don't need any more heavy denim. Is this the moment to try Tanuki? On the neg side is just that I hardly need more jeans.
  3. LuckiestRacoon

    Samurai Jeans

    Thanks for the heads up @Broark. I went ahead and grabbed the last pair of 710's in my size at OD. I agree that the new blue tab looks shite. But, maybe it's a good thing for me as there are plenty of Japanese denim brands I haven't tried because I enjoy the 710 fit and Samurai's details so much.
  4. LuckiestRacoon

    Mister Freedom

    Thanks: @Duke Mantee that post is so helpful and @vIGGiou riou, your great fit sells me on the 674 given a re-stock of that cut. I just don't think I'm sophisticate enough to pull off that color.
  5. LuckiestRacoon

    Samurai Jeans

    @vgadjo Those look really cool. I would definitely buy a pair of blk 710s if Samurai came out with them.
  6. LuckiestRacoon

    Naked & Famous Denim

    @kukupoint Very beautiful! Okayama Spirit looks like the way to go The top looks quality too!
  7. LuckiestRacoon

    Samurai Jeans

    Here's round II on the Samurai fits y'all. I'm finding good straight leg options and now my old jeans feel like pajamas. Same deal on the shrink strategy, hot water and Texas sun only so far. I'm really looking forward to sharing how these develop. s5000xx25oz - lot "20th" (tts @ size 32)
  8. LuckiestRacoon

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    @Pedro It's funny because I've worn but never owned Levi's jeans... I was sold on the concept of buying "expensive" jeans by way of the quality and cool factor of raw denim. The stories/history about denim are really intriguing but totally new to me. Levi's IS an anagram for evils though... I just jumped over to a random site to look at that 1966 501 rigid - looks really cool but ~250 for 12 oz. denim... and then looking at @propellerbeanie's comment again has me naively wondering where the appeal is/ if I should personally buy Levi's in the future.
  9. LuckiestRacoon

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    None of it makes me personally want to add a LVC piece to my collection. I like the look of the 1966 501 rigid but there seem to be plenty other options once you've busted up into that price range. I'll be sticking with Japanese options looks like.
  10. LuckiestRacoon

    Samurai Jeans

    Even though my footwear is always the same, I still like my jeans to be at slightly different lengths for different effects. I say, If you rock all kinds of footwear then buy another pair of Samurais and arrange the inseam length to work perfectly with sneakers!
  11. LuckiestRacoon

    Samurai Jeans

    Too bad I missed that initial hypefest but I'm wicked stoked because I feel like I've found my denim vibe with Samurai Jeans. I went TTS with the S710MOG18oz's but listening to y'alls advice I decided to soak them in hot water twice ~3hr and bake them then the ~95 degree Texas sun to dry. Elemental. I wore them for maybe a week and they have been hemmed. I feel I could have gone SD1 but I'm loving this fit atm. The partially dyed weft is very pretty. S710MOG18, Size 32, Lot 19.
  12. LuckiestRacoon

    Samurai Jeans

    Since they seem to be doing the Elements in different cuts is there any info on or ideas about what cuts the other elements might come in? I wouldn't mind the Wind being a s711 or so...
  13. LuckiestRacoon

    Samurai Jeans

    Thanks for the response and warmth. I think I get it except maybe a minor point. Are your recommendations aimed at "eliminating all the stretch" or a similar logic? I thought I would be letting go of all control as to whether my jeans would shrink past a wearable size if I used machine heat/agitation. I suppose the idea is to pull the jeans out of the dryer and measure them every few minutes to make sure you don't go too far? Or are you saying there is a rock bottom shrinkage state you recommend trying to get to? I look forward to seeing how those roomier s510's develop! Edit - scratch all that I re-read B_f's fit guide and I get it now!
  14. LuckiestRacoon

    Samurai Jeans

    Hello and thanks to y'all. I used the info in this topic to score some S710mog18oz Samurai Jeans from 2nd and the experience has been great. I did a 2hr warm water soak and they were almost ideal waist-wise and then they stretched out to a comfy size with a day's wear. Now I want to do another soak to try and shrink them down closer to Samurai Jean's hypothetical maximum shrinkage. Is that strategy overkill/ocd since I've already gone 2 hr? Also, I've seen some people not really recommending wearing your jeans while you soak. I can think of some reasons why, but, would that be a good option if you were trying to limit shrinkage on a model that could potentially shrink a bit beyond ideal not-broken-in size? Thanks if you have any insight but I'll get some pics up next time i'm with a decent camera. Thanks Samurai bros/sisters.
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