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  1. rogerhuangxj


    We people at sufu knew the existence of J47TS-GT long before the collection launched, and it turned out just fine. Not to blame anyone, to each their own. But as an ordinary guy who doesn’t have access to subnet, I wish that I can preview the new stuffs simply because I am interested and it might be beneficial to me. I can take my time to decide which item I really want, as mentioned before.
  2. rogerhuangxj


    To all the guys who have access to subnet: I beg you to be my friend, just let me take a look. E would not know about it.
  3. rogerhuangxj


    Did you tumble dry after the wash?
  4. rogerhuangxj


    I can’t say about that. Since they recommend only spray, I would not use wash in products to try my luck.
  5. rogerhuangxj


    Guys from Stotz said that you could use the Nikwax spray for cottons. For CH pants, it seems that we have not talked about it before.
  6. rogerhuangxj

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I think Kith got both.
  7. rogerhuangxj


    Eyeing the 11bybbs speedcross, can anyone speak of the sizing? Bamba2 is tts for me.
  8. rogerhuangxj

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Really appreciate the detailed reponse man, I am about 181cm and 75kg. Finally ordered a medium and hope that it is not too big for my liking. The store I ordered showed me pics of a size small on two different people, 172cm and 180cm. I liked the former one better because the latter seems woube be restrictive when wearing layers and a bit short in length. First time trying SISP, can’t wait.
  9. rogerhuangxj

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    How’s the sizing on the stealth parka? I wear medium in almost every acrnm I own and I heard that SISP runs small. But a friend of mine says that parka is huge so I am on the fence. Any opinions?
  10. rogerhuangxj


    I am happy with dani’s offerings peace and love
  11. rogerhuangxj


    You pay 700 usd for the ACRNM label, it’s a bargain.
  12. rogerhuangxj


    This is beyond horrible.
  13. rogerhuangxj


    I doubt anyone would buy that belt if it’s not acronym
  14. rogerhuangxj


    Love the all the pics and reviews, would like to know the possibility to wear J73 as a liner. Since it has no insulation I doubt I can survive the winter wearing J73 under shell.
  15. rogerhuangxj


    Impressed, unfortunately as a good retailer they don’t ship outside US. 18Montrose just ignored my email about price setting, let alone coupon code.