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accessories? jewelry?

Guest Airjamie

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that reminds me, uno industries has ball chains with magnets. I didnt buy one off of them, i made my own. You can wear it alot of different ways. If you want one, i have some extra stuff i can sell to you;)

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saw those at H&M and got a few but def far from my CON pendants. they look cheap and flimsy. i have both the cubist and pyramid & just recently the bird cage ones. u can't compare the high end with the low/ knock offs. in as far as fave jewelry, i still dig my phillip crangi stuff (24 k gold) and his diffusion giles and brothers. also got goro's gold claw and feather pendant that is highly covetable by the peeps in the know. in closing, always go for the original and pricey stuff coz you'll have 'em 4ever

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i've worked with PMC, and while it is satisfying as a process, i somehow feel much more excited about hunting for random things and cobbling them together like some sort of crazed metal-obsessed magpie. the hunt for interesting bits and pieces and

putting them together in certain ways is what i enjoy most about jewelry...

i sometimes wish i were more dedicated and had gotten into actual, hardcore, torch and goggles metalsmithing, but its probably not at all for me.


those pyramids i sold are NOT from H&M, although i know what you're talking about.

those were earrings, and they're way smaller than these. they were also hollow if you looked at them from the bottom and saw the seam where the metal was molded into a three-dimensional shape and then formed into a pyramid. these are vintage pendants, the source i picked them up from had them dated to the

80s. they're solid, and one of them that i sold survived being trampled by

the usps. i don't deal with cheap and flimsy.

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thoughts on guys with chanel CC necklaces (worn lightheartedly)??

i've had my eye on that gucci small link bracelet for a while. also- i picked up some large safety pins at the thrift store (exactly like the b.son(?) one diamonds recently purchased (if any of you keep up with that thread) although i have no ideas for them.

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On arm, from left: chain-link and id bracelets from Dean Harris, Gucci, Baroni Designs, David Yurman, Hermès, Tiffany & Company and Baroni Designs. Around neck, from top: John Hardy necklace. Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane teddybear pendant and chain. Maison Martin Margiela line 11 large-link chain. David Yurman dog-tag necklace. Tenthousandthings yellowgold chain. Yves Saint Laurent silver shell necklace. Gucci silver cord necklace with ebony rings. D&G anchor pendant and chain. Cartier gold chain. Louis Vuitton crest Pendant and chain. Garrard Gold wing pendant and chain. Stuart England Napoleon coin pendant and chain. Giles & Brother by Philip CCrangi safety-pin pendant and chain. Rogues Gallery propeller pendant and chain. Hanes tank.

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