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accessories? jewelry?

Guest Airjamie

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yeah, the elias necklaces are 2 seperate necklace but they came together.

well, i always want to buy another chronicles necklace from this season but i always had doubt because they're quite expensive, expecially after my friend talked with gareth moody (the designer) about the production cost etc. when i decided to grab one, most store here in Sydney sold out the design that i wanted, only this one that i found still ok compare with the others.

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I need to buy all of this stuff.

These pieces are incredible:


AWG fucking SAN FRANCISCO! I always lose shit there and now I've lost my most favorite art-deco cubic bracelet. Anybody out there have any good chain/chunky/cube bracelet out there for me? If not I fear that I'm going out and finding steampunk shit from japan....



end up looking like som cosplay dickhead just because my wrist is lonely for metal.

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finally bought a natalia brilli necklace ...


for someone who asked for the price: it's $220 at bblessing.

why would u get THAT one? there are so many different necklaces that look just like it..

i'm still waiting for either the wing pendant or the whistle one. idk if u were impatient but that sucks.

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I wear no jewelry except a me&ro om bracelet. I am looking for a necklace though, but I can't find anything I like, I want black (oxidized silver chain maybe?) but everything I come across is too hipster or fashiony. I'm pretty simple/minimal, any suggestions?

these are brands featured in current issue of nylon





and there is a whole page about the chronicles of never

"... Moody says, citing 'geometrics, big Manga dreams, M.C. Escher, architecture, and the space in space' as inspiration for the clearly mathematical looking pieces which include hollowed out cubes and pyramids suspended from industrial looking chains."

I like the skulls are so passe shirt by the way.

I was doing a search in the forum for jewelry and came across my own post I forgot about completely....

still looking for a black chain, relatively simple, not chunky, medium length.

please help

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