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  1. xcoldricex

    usa :: san francisco :: general

    any events this weekend? saw these: Saturday Play it Cool http://howtoplayitcool.com/events Saturday Life is Living Festival http://youthspeaks.org/lifeisliving/2013-oakland-festival/ Sunday Sweater Funk http://fusicology.com/events/?event_id=53867
  2. xcoldricex

    WTB: BBS Leather L / BBS Hoodie L / WM Ring S

    hey i have that second werkstatt ring. email me xcoldricex at gmail
  3. xcoldricex

    video games ruined my life

    copped rdr, i'll see you guys on after i figure out how to play.
  4. xcoldricex


    late, but that's what i predicted/wanted it to be too
  5. xcoldricex

    video games ruined my life

    ah want to get rdr! i suck so bad at mw2 now after not playing for like 3 weeks.
  6. xcoldricex


    i've heard that the ns7 is actually good though - even from scratch djs. it'd be a good thing to have around if i'm too lazy to bring out the 1200s.
  7. xcoldricex


    they['re selling the ns7 at bb now?! wtf! want to go and see if my local bb has one that i can mess around with.
  8. my dj bullshit Au Jus - Pigpen Hoedown: Dirty music for dirty kids ------------ pigpen hoedown intro the yanks - we can't be stopped (dj bam bam remix) kazey and bulldog x waxmaster - 4 da real g's who love ice cream (au jus edit) 20 fingers feat. roula - lick it don rimini - kung fu miike snow - black and blue (tiga vs poirer enemies remix) dj yoeri - fuck on cocaine (dimitri vegas and like mike remix) de bos x chelly - on the run x took the night (ralvero get down remix au jus edit) count and sinden feat. rye rye - hardcore girls dj gant-man - juke dat girl (nadastrom remix au jus vocal edit) count and sinden - elephant 1234 chaos in the CBD - tesh and maccas urchins ft. spoek - tickets (kid kaio is high remix) camel - zig zag congorock - babylon (dj manaia & alif remix) ladybox - cookies fly le le - breakfast (bodyjacking / mercury remix au jus edit) deviance - fellatio (deviant beats remix) tittsworth - WTF (nadastrom on drugs remix stretch armstrong edit) french fries - saurus rhythm major lazer - hold the line (niggaz on crack trompeta remix) benny benassi - satisfaction (afrojack remix) daniel haaksman - kid conga (highbloo remix) justin martin & claude vonstroke - beat that bird busy p- to protect and entertain (crookers remix) ludacris - how low (cobra krames remix) monkey safari - fanfara (chaos in the CBD remix) pitbull - go girl (CHL party rocker remix) green velvet feat. kid sister - everybody wants laidback - white horse larry tee - let's make nasty (afrojack remix) auxillary the masterfader - disco bitch killa queens - bitches (zombie disco squad remix) peaches - fuck the pain away steve aoki - i'm in the house (the count aka herve's burning down your house remix) detroit grand pubahs - sandwiches (krafty kuts remix) marvy da pimp - best best kaptain cadillac - show me luv (dave luxe 90s love remix) totally michael - satisfaction (flosstradamus mix)
  9. xcoldricex

    video games ruined my life

    cold blooooooded!
  10. xcoldricex

    video games ruined my life

    haha that was great, so sorry about your record
  11. damn that's going to be a great show.
  12. xcoldricex

    [Music] Tokyo's hip-hop scene

    HIFANA 10chars.
  13. xcoldricex

    video games ruined my life

    wtf you can hide inside a wall in the tunnels in wasteland? so stupid.
  14. haha summer heights high. i said fuck you miss!