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  2. payment&shipping info: payment with paypal worldwide shipping (international signed for) included write to me at s-b-la-v-i-n at gmail dot com as I check it more frequently (no dashes) :::::DRKSHDW RIBBED TANKS 100€ each::::: Size M color PALM Size L color DRK DUST
  3. Does anyone know if there are already fakes of SLP paris clothing (men and women's) floating around?
  4. junglejane

    Superfuture Meetup Pictures

    you guys are so pretty what did you sing at karaoke ????
  5. junglejane

    Superfuture Running Club

    don't get me wrong - I like running when there are other lots of other runners present but in the winter it seems that everyone disappears also since my usual summer park is abandoned and also poorly lit during the winter (when I get off work it is already very dark) - I run on a lit bike lane close to my house I am usually the only one running so non-runners sometimes try to talk to me and stuff
  6. junglejane

    Superfuture Running Club

    Hey anyone running the Berkeley half on the 24th? After a two week+ hiatus I did a 15km run on sunday and I'm still sore Hopefully I can add the kms in time for the 1/2marathon.
  7. junglejane

    Superfuture Running Club

    Yeah pretty much. People staring and occasionally honking horns, etc. Man I just wanna do my thing in peace.
  8. junglejane

    helicopter was brought out to shut down my afterparty

    panerai, rolex, a&p, cartier? pshhhhhhh FLIK FLAK is where it's at even if I was makin shitloads of €€€€€€ I would rock one of these possibly with a croc strap tho.
  9. junglejane

    Miranda Kerr appreciation thread

    crossing over to high fashion with no qualms whatsoever
  10. junglejane

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    I think "individual sentiments" is the worst brand name ever
  11. junglejane

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    hay who's in paris? going for a week in oct for work would be fun to squeeze in a chic meetup
  12. junglejane

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    hay gurl hayyy
  13. junglejane

    Superfuture Running Club

    yeahhh sufu running thread I decided to start running in early june, I was a complete couch potato and I started getting disgusted with my gelatinous,inactive self. Starting out (from complete zero) was tough, my body hurt like a muthafucka and I kept feeling out of breath and clumsy every time i went out. I kept at it, going out 3x per week, trying to stay out for at least a half hour/40mins even though a lot of the time I was doing walking intervals. My goal wasn't to train for competitions or anything, just to keep fit. I bought a cardio meter and that helped me a lot to pace myself and not burn myself out. Fast forward to today, I did my first 10km (in 60mins) !!!! whoo Now I'm kind of hooked and want to participate in events and stuff though I'm still total beginner material group hug everyone!