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  1. BrokenGlass


    I've never pre ordered anything from them but I did talk to them. Acronym this season, for the first time? broke the shipment in 2 as some styles aren't yet ready to ship. From what I gather every store that got the pieces hotoveli has on preorder is in the same boat awaiting a shipment. Lady at Hotoveli said the remaining shipment should arrive mid October and that if you pre order , you'll get it shortly after.
  2. BrokenGlass


    I don't own it but I've handled it. I was on the fence about the interops webbing at first but I've really come around and...It's dope, really a shame there were no accessories this season beyond the 2 cashmere pieces. We need to interface.
  3. BrokenGlass


    I'd bet you're a medium. It will hit you a bit below the belt but not by much and still be close enough to layer things on top of it. I'm eyeing both october drops, hotoveli seems to have sold out of the small in the j56-gt though.
  4. BrokenGlass


    hotoveli in NY. Up to 70% off. rick, julius, and some other good stuff still left it looks. www.hotoveli.com
  5. BrokenGlass


    rick, drkshdw, yohji etc, up to half off... www.hotoveli.com
  6. BrokenGlass

    pc gaming threak

    Anyone playing any MMO's ? I've been playing ESO (elder scrolls online) for a bit and the combat is amazing. PvP is really hit or miss due to the lack of structured options but it's very skill based. Here's a video of a good player taking on 5 ya thats my video =X
  7. BrokenGlass

    WTB: siki im stealth bomber

    it was cotton/silk
  8. I also have the yeezy boost 350 moonrock colorway that is being released on Saturday in a uk size 8 (us 8.5) that I'm trying to trade for a uk 10.5/11 (us 11/11.5) SOLD
  9. SOLD This is an interest check. I have a new with tags / unworn single button 3pc Geoffrey B. Small suit in piacenza super 150's wool.
  10. BrokenGlass


    rick / drkshdw / julius etc on sale at hotoveli