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  1. emixam

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

  2. emixam

    Visvim fw2017

    pretty much, unless if you are millionaire
  3. emixam

    Visvim fw2017

    i am a 3 in most items, i went with 3 and it fits fine,.except.for the short sleeves. perfect as a liner for my pfd. if you want a more baggy fit,.size up but then you cannot really layer it as a liner anymore.
  4. emixam

    Visvim FW16

    the explanations I got from the FIL dudes is that each season, for ALL styles (even in case of basic styles like 101, kilgore, all denim pants etc) Hiroki tries them on during the prototyping and based on his feeling, readjusts the sizing (or not). Over the previous seasons, changes were slight, but since he turned to be a vegetarian since one year ago or so he lost a lot of weight, and all the sizing has been basically up one size (he wears a size 3, and now that size 3 is more like a 2). Makes sense for him maybe, but not for us.
  5. emixam

    Visvim FW16

    he is now Jerry Lorenzo's official copycat Thanks Fycus, I alo thinks these are the 05slim
  6. emixam

    Visvim FW16

    I feel exactly the same actually. Nothing I need really anymore, even though I always get tempted by a new pair of boots, but I dont know where I would store them.... What is the cut of that denim guys ?
  7. emixam

    visvim ss16

    also FIL Tokyo does not carry any denim, only Vis store does
  8. emixam

    visvim ss16

    My mid grizz outsoles also do not sit flat on the ground, but on the whole surface not only the heel (Same thing with the bison grizz, the ones without heel stabilizer), I do not really like how they feel compared to my other pair of high grizz which fit and feel perfect, they are a bit unstable.
  9. emixam

    Visvim FW16

    I heard need to size up 1 compared to 04, legs are very tight indeed
  10. emixam

    Visvim FW16

    lol no, but for this reason do not buy any Mid Grizz on the 2nd hand market, they could of been swim in !
  11. emixam

    Visvim FW16

  12. emixam

    Visvim FW16

    wtf ?
  13. emixam

    UNDERCOVERISM general discussion thread

    I think the first drop was today : http://square1.jugem.jp/?cid=47
  14. emixam

    Visvim SS17

    FBT prime and maliseet shaman use different suede. Prime use the sweden suede which is stiffer, maliseet uses the same as previous seasons` and the same as this season`s voyageur UK suede, which is insanely soft/pliable indeed . As for the Prime soles, I would not worry, they are much more sturdier than other FBT soles, and you can always have the first black layer replaced at any good cobbler (Visvim will just not bother doing it).
  15. emixam

    Visvim FW16