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  1. Ahahaha Arc'teryx SL Gore Tex shoes. only to be worn when necessary
  2. Images of the inside of the J1TS are here: EDIT: 47a n' p23's in Iceland
  3. Seems like the drops are always pretty coordinated so every store releases at once. That's gotta take some time to pull off.
  4. ^ Nope. there's Gore that looks exactly like the image on the left. Maybe Acronym doesn't use it, I'll check when I get home. But, I have a Veilance jacket with me right now that looks exactly like that and it ain't fake.
  5. anyone know when/where I can pick up the jacket in slide 27, in a 3 or 4? There are some pin stripe options out there but I like the more solid look. it's ucs4301 EDIT: No need to reply or worry, I found the Jacket at Idol. Thanks for all the help and support
  6. I swear by these for working out. They don't really look that tech, but there's 8 pockets and built in compression underwear. They have a 7" version if you wanna show less thigh. for some reason you have to select the different colors to see the various pockets and features. If you select the heather grey you'll see the coveted leg pocket for your phone.
  7. I picked up a pair of the Paper Denim and I'm curious about people's experience with the 666 fit. Everything is perfect about the fit except I feel my range of mobility is limited as there is a tightness in the crotch. For example there would be some resistance trying to walk up steps 2 at a time. Is this normal with this cut and will they loosen with wear? I'm on wear three and already worried that down the road there's an epic crotch blow out a coming.
  8. Who'd I see in Opening Ceremony this weekend wearing their blue j28-k while I was in my green?
  9. Pics Here: Get cha' airplane pillow vests
  10. 2008 deck jacket fixed by the fine folks at indigo proof. Both cuffs had to be replaced because of fraying and the pockets got a denim reinforcement because of a similar issue. Still one of my favorite pieces
  11. If you google Visvim FW 2017 some low res pictures surface of the Paris show, but maybe they'll show in NY and those are the pictures that will get a wider release?
  12. Thanks! When does this season drop?
  13. Eyy! can one of yous give me some advice (DM if you please) Loving the SS17 look book and looking to pick up a few pieces (jacket and pants): 40-42 chest, 34" waist, size 4 Sound about right? any good places to get the larger sizes? I'm in NYC so maybe some of the stores there? Or am I playing myself and won't find these sizes or they wont fit? Hey Thanks!
  14. WTB Services Pack (Lt. Green)
  15. Anyone going to or in Japan heading to a FIL or Visvim spot shoot me a PM if you can describe or snap a picture of the back side of the Services Pack, If it's still available, curious what the straps look like as it's based on a bag that has a metal frame. THanks