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  1. I just picked up sewing as a hobby and let me tell you it ain't easy. When you look at the level of complexity and perfection* of each stitch in ACR pieces, the quantity produced makes sense. *Lets hope they fixed the jersey cuff stitching issue this season on the p23s. As I write this that is a j64ts m raf on the main site.
  2. That's the cut of those pants. Anyone feels the same way about their Raf size M's when they arrive, hit me up.
  3. Just checked on the main site and things are popping back up for sale. Then quickly being sold out again, but worth checking in as it looks like he's holding true to his twitter word.
  4. I like hotoveli' price on the p23-s any where have them at that price in RAF?
  5. Ng4-ps looks a lot like the ng3-ps
  6. I noticed those neck flaps and thought they weren't on my j28, but I guess they're just more pronounced when made out of GT.
  7. Hooray! My wallet is safe this season. It's a good looking season but I can't justify any of it.
  8. About 6 years ago I got a bespoke suit from a place called Alton Lane, where they scanned your body to tailor fit the suit. Looks like it's something they still do:
  9. Simply put: No one here has the answer to your question. If you want to geek out about fashion read a couple dozen pages of this forum and all your questions about sizing, fabric characteristics, reducing custom fees, and why ACR hasn't emailed you a few days after you ordered, will be answered. Keep checking back and when a drop date is known it will for sure be posted here.
  10. What's the deal with sizing for the Stevenson fatigues? Last thing I picked up from you was the yenim and I got away with a size 34. Looks like with the Stevenson's I could pull off a 32 but maybe I'm missing something. Maybe I should just get off my lazy ass and travel the 3 miles to LES to try them on...
  11. No photos from the ss18 trunk show?
  12. what's a p26?
  13. I like that the dystopian future you all dreamed of came in the form of robots buying the clothes you covet.
  14. Just picked up a Ballistic 20L and see this in the specs: "removable waist strap with tuck-away-storage" I get the removable aspect but what's tuck away storage mean? Edit: SOLVED. The anger I've felt towards members of this community for spending an exorbitant amount of money on an item without taking the time to actually look at said item I now feel towards myself.
  15. It's working out quite well sorry.