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  1. Just picked up a Ballistic 20L and see this in the specs: "removable waist strap with tuck-away-storage" I get the removable aspect but what's tuck away storage mean? Edit: SOLVED. The anger I've felt towards members of this community for spending an exorbitant amount of money on an item without taking the time to actually look at said item I now feel towards myself.
  2. It's working out quite well sorry.
  3. Rub some baby powder into the stains, let it sit for 20 mins. Knock the excess baby powder off the garment and you should see that the remaining baby powder has affixed directly to your stain(s). Now use some anti grease dish soap an flush it with cold water or put it in the wash.
  4. Small Questions Thread Edition: What is this jacket with this small dorsal fin on the hood and what would that be for? I think the image with the dog shows the rest of the jacket for reference. I figured ask here because my guess is it's a military design. If I am wrong let the neg rep fly.
  5. Whom makes those pants?
  6. Whos manz is this?
  7. Size 10 fbt kudu. Worn but very little wear on the suede/ leather. Upper came a little loose so took to get re glued hence the markings. 300$ Conus pm if abroad
  8. Now that it's been a little over a year in what situations do you wear the s16-ws? That thing has been sitting in my closet after only 1 wear. I figured I'd wear it biking or running on windy days, but I hardly. Everything else I manage to wear and beat up. It's a unique piece and I want to hold on to it and I figure one day I'll find the perfect use, but just curious about yous guys.
  9. Thank you all for the suggestions. I ended up using my J21 which had been collecting a little dust but is now covered in city dirt and muck from past few days of rain. it's great on dry days, as I can wear it open in the front, side or keep the arm cinches totally loose. The only down side is you can't really wear anything but a tshirt because of the detachable sleeves.
  10. Went to Mercer yesterday and they pretty much had everything in stock except the hat. Picked up the hoody in black which I love. Simple with good articulation and details.
  11. I'm looking for a very light jacket for biking something for around a 60°F (15°C) day. I tend to get sweaty, so something breathable. It doesn't need to be weather resistant, Ideally it wouldn't be as those breath less. I'm a fan of little to no branding, and simple color, no pattern. Has ACR made anything like this? Open to any and all suggestions, even if it's just a fabric type I should be searching for. TL;DR: I'm looking for a fancy windbreaker.
  12. Grabbed a pair of the 24s in RAF L and couldn't be happier. I wear them every opportunity I can get. Comfy. Great mobility, and low key, but you get that subtle pocket flap detail which I appreciate . The thigh pocket's on the A's were a bit much for me. I tried on the M and they fit waist wise, but the point of the pants is to have them be baggy so I went L. I'm 5'11 190. I understand why these wouldn't be someone's first pair of ACR pants, as they're the most normal pants they make. I'm also a big fan of how clean the S fabric is, I had a pair of 15's that didn't work for me, but I admired the fabric, so happy to have it back in my wardrobe.
  13. Ahahaha Arc'teryx SL Gore Tex shoes. only to be worn when necessary
  14. Images of the inside of the J1TS are here: EDIT: 47a n' p23's in Iceland
  15. Seems like the drops are always pretty coordinated so every store releases at once. That's gotta take some time to pull off.