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  1. Acronym.

    Unsure about the reverse seam allowances on the J66, especially on the volt. It'll Interesting to see how this thing ages and frays, hopefully not too sloppy.
  2. Acronym.

    They haven't been live yet...
  3. Acronym.

  4. Acronym.

    And Grailed
  5. Acronym.

    Coming from someone who owns more ACR than they should, it makes me appreciate the pieces I already own. No need for a jacket with a green shoulder, a volt colorway, or high contrast patterns at x3 the cost. Yes, it seems like people are paying more to be seen in something, which never was the point for me. I liked @Timdots point, of I don't want to be noticed wearing it, or notice other people wearing it. But, if one of these new things tickles me, then sure let me shell out for it, and buy less throughout the year. I don't think the point of ACR was to get a new shell every season. Sure, they're hiking prices to match the resellers market, you would too and if you say otherwise you're lying to yourself. Sure, it sucks for someone new to ACR, but if you're part of the old guard you could afford it then, you can afford it now, it'll just hurt a little more.
  6. Acronym.

    Only the mother site for ss18 release?
  7. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Bump. New Price. Great for summer time Size M SOLD IC: p23ts CH black size M SOLD ALL SOLD
  8. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS S16-ws 9.9/10 worm once. Bag tags n spec. 350 includes shipping.
  9. Visvim Spring 2018

    Most of you don't care much to discus this brand here anymore and maybe you've moved on to other brands or other forums. I know price is a big factor and I agree it's wild expressive. I was looking forward to picking up a couple of pieces to round out my little collection this season and then call it quits, but these guys are now using a lot more synthetic fabrics, which is kind of bull shit considering the price point. I know they have a wider audience now and a lot more vendors but replacing wool with polyester and rayon is kinda of disappointing.
  10. Introduction

    Hi how are you?
  11. Visvim fw2017

    How does the Sanjuro MA-1 fit tts?
  12. Urban Techwear

    That's what I'm saying! Everything is synthetic fibers. I found a Filson liner that's all wool, but it's a bit boxy in fit.
  13. Urban Techwear

    I really want a wool fleece mid layer, but I can't seem to find anything that fits the bill. Anything new is either 100% synthetic or best case 63% wool (Outlier). I'm on the hunt for a size 3 iris liner, but are there any other options out there? It doesn't have to be exclusively wool, but only natural fibers.
  14. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    WTB longliner or iris liner in M (3)
  15. Visvim fw2017

    How do Iris Liners fit? I'm a 3 in most tops of theirs