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London sales update:

browns- most of the sale sucks- 20-30% off. bU tthey had some very nice marc jacobs coats + blazer and cdg blazers at £395 reduced from £700

liberties - 50% of issia mizake and juane watabne cdg ( ok so both those are spelt wonrg but you knwo who i mean) 30% off apc, 50% off LVC 1955's (so £65), lots of other labels at various levels of discount - Paul smith broges reduced from £229 to £139.

DSM- 40% off but I don;t think its on CDG play (unless the lady just screwed me over)

Fred perry- seemingly random levels of reductions across the full range

Start- don't bother, its a bitch to find in the middle of nowhere and the prices are the same as the webstore- just order online

didn't check the libary or a butcher of destinction though

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erm i think selfridges main sale must be starting soon,as superbrands been on for a while dsm finishes on 17th its already bit thin on tthe ground but depending really what your after,i think pretty much everywhere has started there sales now on the high street bar stussy etc who generally start up late july

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stuart & wright sample sale

thurs june 28 - sun july 1

85 lafayette ave, fort greene, brooklyn


steven alan

engineered garments

rogues gallery

earnest sewn


cheap monday




beard & bangs

This sale was fucking sick. If you like any of the above brands I suggest you do NOT sleep.

Also: what they didn't tell you about is the two thick racks of NOAH garments. Including an absolutely batshit carcoat I got for $100 knocked down from $640.

And a whole rack of EG field jackets for $150 - almost got one instead of the NOAH piece. Spring weight spruce hoods for $75. Unis shirts for $60. Most stuff was under $100.

Prices were right, selection was solid - it was like a Steven Alan sale without the crowds, and with lots of stuff you actually want in your size.

Dude said that all the men's gear was out, though, and as of 7pm tonight it was moving along at a moderate pace.

Tons of women's gear, and more coming out over the weekend.

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was that sale cash only, doc? i think i might swing through tomorrow.

Nope, I paid with a card.

Dude seemed to be making up prices too, the coat I bought was tagged as $150 - he charged me $100. Maybe cause I was shooting the shit with him.

Also I should add, there was tons of shit for bigger dudes - Ls and XLs - seemed to be fewer Ms and Ss.

Lots of pants, but I didn't really look at them at all.

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uniqlo in rockaway NJ is having a huge sample sale, i went there, lots of jackets for $20, lots of tops for $10, too bad their shirts are too long on me :|

lots of girls stuff too

Just got back from the Uniqlo in Menlo. Lots of random stuff for sale, everything is basically $6 :eek: I bought a pair of pants, cardigan, some tees, and a polo. Everything was mostly a Medium though.

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wait, uniqlo in the mall was not colosed for good? my mom said its over in the menlo park and the store is closed. please correct me.

No it's till there, but the selection is pretty crappy. Huge overstock of all the polos, jeans,and plain sweats but not much else. I saw a bunch of graphic Ts and got excited but it was just part of the sample sale so everything is in M only. They're getting pretty bad at restocking some of the basics too. I bought some of the last small sizes in the plain color tees two months ago and have yet to see more on the shelves. I was hoping they'd replace them with some pantone but that's probably not gonna happen.

The NJ stores are going downhill pretty hard.

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Opening Ceremony SUPER SCARY SALE

Starts Friday the 13th (July 13th)

We are slashing our prices on sale items and marking down the rest of our Spring/Summer Collections.

UP TO 75% OFF!!!

We will be restocking daily!

Sale takes place at both store locations:

Opening Ceremony New York

35 Howard St New York, NY 10013 Tel 212-219-2688

Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 11-8pm and Sundays 12-7pm

Opening Ceremony Los Angeles

451 North La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048 Tel 310-652-1120

Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 11-7pm and Sundays 12-7pm

or just buy my stuff.

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Stels in Boston is having a 40% off sale. They are now online at www.stelsinc.com, but there is more selection instore, obviously. Nom de Guerre, APC, other labels in that price range.

And my favorite store in Boston, Alan Bilzerian, is having a sale, 30-90% off, depending on season and label. Yamamoto, Y's, Margiela 10, at 50% off or so, including lots of suits, jackets and outerwear. Apparently, Alan is dropping Margiela. Lots of backstock, including pieces from before the Staff buyout. Carpe Diem, Commes, Kinimori Morishito, Drkshdw, Lanvin, LMatieri, and other Stylezeigeist/ninja goth/fashion-whore labels at ~30% off.

Hmmm. so retailers are not allowed on Sufu at all anymore, huh? Hardcore.

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