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  1. Got them today. They run small.
  2. It's neoprene so not waterproof. Also I have the same sole on other Y-3 shoes and it's worn out after a season of light city wear.
  3. If I would wear my Qasas every day they would last maybe a month. The sole is over half gone.
  4. Nice drop in the A4 Dr
  5. Saw it yesterday. Not bad for a debut. Worth watching at the theater.
  6. Not my listing but it's a great price. I would grab it if it was M. https://www.grailed.com/listings/442219-Arcteryx-Veilance-Field-Jacket-FINAL-DROP
  7. Nom De Guerre Paratrooper Pants Size L $250 https://www.grailed.com/listings/316244
  8. SI Nike shoes are lame. Jacket might be nice but if it's 600 then you can get a better SI jacket on sale.
  9. I have the large. I can take measurements later today. They fit a little slimmer than other Nike large.
  10. I'm in SF Sunday - Wednesday. Anything must see happening right now?
  11. anyone has any isaora codes left?
  12. I got this http://www.coteetciel.com/en-US/lagoon-spa-pouches-l-black the option to hang it works great in new super small bathrooms.
  13. Not sure if this was posted... http://www.leonnyc.com/
  14. if you pm him he'll sell you that info
  15. Saw the acr stuff and jacket is pretty nice. Really well designed and I think really worth the price. Pants are cool too. Errolson was at the Mercer store. Some nerds were taking photos with him.