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    High Quality Blank T-shirts, not AA

    thanks for the tips snugglepony.
  2. AMFM

    High Quality Blank T-shirts, not AA

    I'll be using them to print on. I've been using AA for almost 10 years and feel like it is time to branch out to a more custom cut and sew quality. The only problem with going totally custom is the quantity requirements. I'm looking for anywhere from 500-1000 shirts. Pricing is flexible based on quality. I get AA shirts for $3.90, but would be willing to spend more for cut and quality. Here are some past examples: http://www.invicid.com/archive.html
  3. AMFM

    High Quality Blank T-shirts, not AA

    Has anyone ever tried Continental or Royal apparel? I'm curious to know their quality... http://www.continental-usa.com/Home http://www.royalapparel.net/
  4. AMFM

    High Quality Blank T-shirts, not AA

    Thanks for the tip Camthrax, however, I'm looking for a more European fitted cut. Cheers!
  5. Hello, I'm looking for high quality blank tees, does anybody have any recommendations? I'm NOT looking for the obvious brands, ie - American Apparel, Alternative Apparel, AAA, Hanes, etc. I am looking for high quality cottons and cuts. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, amfm
  6. AMFM

    Invicid Clothing and Art

    why not? This is a fashion oriented site is it not. Thought some would be interested to see what we are doing.
  7. AMFM

    Invicid Clothing and Art

    Just found out about this site. Thought I would share our link http://www.invicid.com To view our online store head over here http://www.invicid.com/store.html Our Summer 2006 line will be dropping in 2 weeks! Hope you like! Currently Invicid is sold at these fine locations: 20Twenty (Seattle) Hecklewood (Portland) Local35 (Portland) Feedback Clothing (Nashville) The Drama (Richmond) Lé Shop (Paris) Android8 (New Jersey)