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  1. fritzmey

    5 Websites You Can Not Live Without

    Google is probably an obvious one lol so I won't include that. Let's just establish that everyone needs Google. So here are mine: hPage Website Builder- so I can create websites and manage my websites. Also doubles as photo and file hosting. Craigslist- for buying stuff, selling stuff, finding services, events, etc. Youtube - for watching videos and uploading my videos Etsy- for selling my crafts Success- my daily motivational newspaper on web
  2. fritzmey

    Watches and Denim

    Anyone here into Daniel Wellington watches? I suppose they are a bit overrated and overpriced for the quality of the watch.
  3. fritzmey

    Paris shopping, eating, drinking and living

    I just wanna let everyone be aware that some people (professional thieves) go to the lounge in Parisian hotels when no one is looking. I know the lounge has a key card but during breakfast, it tends to be open. Then they steal stuff from you when you get stuff at the breakfast table. Experiences it myself at Le Meridien hotel in Paris.
  4. fritzmey

    usa :: portland :: general

    Hey y'all, going to New York City a month from now. I'm a foodie. Can anyone recommend me some unique concept restaurants to go there but the food also tastes amazing?