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Graphic T-Shirts


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heres some i wish i owned

from the "live alive" series by sandberg and timonen



i emailled these guys recently about the shirts

i think they were basically limited to the 8 shirts, for 50€ at the show

Hi .

I am so sorry; we will not re-print

the tshirts, they were a part of an

art-project, and will not be done

again. Please see ebay.

Warmest regards. /Johan

lol, no ones gonna sell these on ebay anytime soon

someone should do a bootleg of these

anyway, this is one of the greatest shirts EVER

cassette playa "utube utopia" shirt :o


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I tried making (crappy)graphic tees a while back. The only ways I know is laser printing, screen printing, or iron ons. Not sure what else there is. out of those three and looking at the graphic I think your best bet would be lasers printing or iron-ons(lol).

Only screen print if you're going to mass produce it

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if you look closely in the video, the white cat in the middle has an inverted cross on its head so it's prob an unreleased ofwgkta tee

yea i saw it

because writing an inverted cross on a shirt, or a beanie for that matter is very hard to do....

and thus why i might just bootleg it and do it myself

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