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  1. i wonder how many of those posts have '10char' in them
  2. indeed
  3. will pay gooood for this
  4. Looking to purchase this Number (N)ine Leather Waist Bag. Paypal ready. Get at me.
  5. tried contacting your swap partner but nothing :/
  6. Supposedly their tape smelled like poop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u1M7YvUSsg
  7. post pics and emailed you your partner info.. again
  8. I emailed it to you
  9. while it is true that mainstream fashion is now taking advantage of the whole band-tee look, this just means that it is a phase that will eventually pass. i will always love wearing my fav bands on tees
  10. i was gonna make some v3 rep-bar stickers but no one with quality would make only 15..
  11. my fav one right now. took me a few years to find. (not my pic)
  12. lol seems like everyone is late.. as expected with superswap.
  13. Yeah most of the airbnb stuff was pretty expensive.. some decent looking places that ran $600ish for 2 weeks but maybe thats in a really shitty part of tokyo? What are the "really shitty" parts of tokyo even like? Might just go for an airfare + hotel package. I've found a few neat brands out of japan through instagram- a lot of them have been skate related! Hoping to check these out when I get there, as none of them ship out to the states.
  14. want to go to japan in feb 2017 2 weeks airbnb or hotel in tokyo? is it feasible to just do a day trip to osaka and come back to tokyo?
  15. Does anyone have a screenshot of superfuture v3.0, featuring a healthy e-peen?