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I own and have owned tons of backpacks.

Burton for boarding.

Outdoor for running, and hiking.

Northface for school and day-to-day.

Lowe Alpine for Camera and Long Trips.

Supreme for everything else. Supreme is the best investment. Get it when it goes on sale, and resale it for retail when you're sick of the look. I would use Supreme for everything except it's not as technical advanced as Burton is for boarding (seam sealled zips, etc), and there isn't a bladder pouch like my Outdoor. Lowe Alpine is just massive and good for trips as a duffle, and North Face is pretty cheap.

While I was in grad school I just needed something with a laptop sleeve.

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^ Nanamica (Shibuya)

Arc'teryx if you need a legit pack tho-

Stop feeding wrong info, you stoop. neg repped.

nanamica is in daikanyama, right by POV beams / frapbois / B yoshida.

A whole bunch of stores stock TNF purple label.

It's just that nanamica get a whole lot more stuff than larger stores.

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Has anyone seen the Marc Jacobs bags in the NYC Bleecker St store? I was there last weekend and didn't see 'em.

They dont carry it all the time.

I bought my corduroy one in boston.

Bleecker store DOES carry it though.

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anyone happen to know where in tokyo (shinjuku/harajuku to be specific) i can find north face purple label backpacks?

The original beams had a whole bunch of those today. 2nd floor, to be specific.

I think I saw them at urban research as well.

A lot of ame-kaji stores have em.

I haven't been to the TNF flagship lately but they do carry a lot of exclusive shit.

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I have a Dave's Quality Meat backpack. Black, seems military inspired but it looks good. Lots of room.

Before somebody asks for the availability, YES DQM still have a couple of those for sale.

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