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TNF Purple Label comes to mind



I've had this pack because I wanted one similar to the jansport. The materials are great; the suede is beautiful and its made of a sail fabric if I remember correctly. The construction is topnotch. I was so excited and it cost me about 180 total when I ordered it from sharpservice.

I only have 2 gripes with it. I've gotta say it's really small. It's definitely made for girls and small japanese people. I'm only 5'10 and it looked like a kids backpack on me. This is actually why I got rid of it. It's also only one huge pocket that you can divide into 2 small pockets using the zipper in the middle. It was inconvenient carrying my notebook/laptop and pencils in the same compartment.

I should have bought the larger daypack when they were offering it although that one didn't come with the suede details that sucked me in in the first place.

super cool story bro.

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