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Is there a site where I can online purchase Gregory day-packs? Rakuten and others welcomed.

yes there is. It is:


The retro shit is here:


See a few HK/JP tourists in London with the day and a half pack. They look good, the straps padded, but the material (cordura) looks a bit thin. I think the ballistic nylon version looks better.

I have a duffle in timber. Is good, but its not lined, it literally is just the cordura, was expecting it to be lined tbh.

Moving on, is a Porter backpack worth dropping 38,000 Yen on?

Or would it be better to invest in a Visvim?

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yes, i'm aware of their whole 'flag' story, but that shit really only makes sense worn on the right shoulder of a combat uniform (in which the stars are actually facing-forward)

other recs?

epperson mountaineering packs look good, though i've never handled these

altadena works packs have dope leather accents

if you really wanted a really steezy one that trumps over all of the normal "made of cordura" bags, i would go for the white mountaineering bags (which are made by porter)

or visvim, supreme, whatever. some mil surplus bags too if you don't mind the huge sizes

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How do Altadena Works packs rate? And how they hold up in foul weather?

Looking to get a Teardrop in Navy & Acorn

On miltary surplus, here's the spear series from gregory japan:


Or I can sell you my Singapore Armed Forces rucksack (never used since I got transferred to the fire service) for $50 shipped haha:


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Btw, are backpacks cool with suits? What's good for a laptop bag to the office?

backpacks are rarely "cool" with suits

mostly appropriate for schoolkids, travellers, streetwear bros, rappers, drug dealers

i would never bring a backpack into the office; one of those black laptop bag/case things with extra pockets are more appropriate

how much are you willing to spend on a laptop case? what kind of style?

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Backpacks clash with suits. Something just doesn't add up. Not to say that successful people never wear backpacks, but real suit wearing professionals don't wear backpacks (unless it has a big investment bank logo prominently sewn onto it).

Get a briefcase or a messenger, and get it in black, navy, charcoal, etc. Beware of undersized man-purse messengers (i.e. smaller jack spade laptop bags). Certain technical outerwear brand messengers and briefcases can work with suits too.

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