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  1. crap, meant plus.
  2. weighed today @ 158 recent numbers: squat today @ 295 x1 deadlift: 395 x 1 bench: 225 x 3 press: 135 x 1 recently switched to wendlers' 5/3/1 stuck on both presses, and my squat hasn't progressed.
  3. posted in meatheads thread back in 4.0, still tryna get that psycho meat
  4. duly noted, will go back to lukers cave
  5. edit: shoulda prepped for negtrain
  6. not gif
  7. airlines and their damn change fees. no shows are better than canceling a flight, they make you pay to access the credit you have with them. straight robbery.
  8. ervell just had a sample sale last week.. edit: nm you're aus based.
  9. heard cantaloupes are dirtiest fruit (superporous) prefer honeydews
  10. anyone still keep up with one punch man?
  11. LDR for ~5 months. She was gunna make plans for to visit me and asked if I was gunna pick her up from JFK. Told her no, saying how it woulda took 3 hours of my life and that 13yos can take the subway. Hours later she ended things via text.
  12. sidetalk: do you post up daywaste stickers??