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  1. axtsang

    waywt? saved my life

  2. axtsang

    TORONTO Meetup

    Who are we expecting to appear today?
  3. axtsang

    TORONTO Meetup

    Where are we meeting? PM me details. Somewhere close to a subway station please? No driving tmr. Downtown pisses me off lately. Good to go. Excited. You joining us tmr?
  4. axtsang

    TORONTO Meetup

    I JUST accidently tipped my glass on glass bong and the bowl / ashcatcher cracked into pieces. Anyone know where to get nice/cheap ones or any hookups? sad times
  5. axtsang

    TORONTO Meetup

    PM me, mrjuby, put me in as a maybe for wed. i think i've got class only 'till 2:30 that day. what are you guys up to? i kinda miss you guys. can sean_ make it out? nesk's diplo party?
  6. axtsang

    waywt? saved my life

    When is this housewarming partay? PM!
  7. axtsang

    waywt? saved my life

    I'm jealous, Hali. I look out, and I see the roof of Loblaws. Fuck.
  8. axtsang

    worst (sufu) waywt fits

    NESK is like of a dark man. or other way around?
  9. axtsang

    waywt? saved my life

    deriderivderivaderivatderivatiderivatederivativesssssss blow ya mindddd..
  10. axtsang

    waywt? saved my life

    Who still needs to do ellelleelgerbra homework? Sufu is where you learn what you need to know in life. Take notes.
  11. axtsang

    waywt? saved my life

    Oh, you mad cause I'm Stylin' on you.
  12. Jimmy? I'm guessing the condom? Well, I just toss it in the bag or a side pocket, so it was in there. Menthols preferably. But rumour has it, they make your balls shrink. Lights, when I'm paranoid.
  13. axtsang

    Random Thoughts...

    I'm at work now, but just remembered that I forgot to flush the toilet at home.
  14. MercedesBenzXCocaine? Shouldn't you be at work?