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  1. phen3N

    best waywt pics

    i was just tryna show some love and bump this thread, dunno what's with the snarky comments ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. phen3N

    best waywt pics

    my picks for best waywts of the year
  3. phen3N

    superlative gifs (no porno) part deux

    ^ belongs in sickeningly cute (âŽâšˆá·€á·á´—⚈᷀á·âŽ)
  4. phen3N

    superconfessional II: the sequel

    i honestly can't imagine any person (boss or not boss) talking to another person like that... but i'm from california where everyone's friendly
  5. phen3N

    Fun Internet Goodies

    curvytron — tron, but with curves http://www.curvytron.com/#/
  6. phen3N

    Post some "Next level" shit.

    there's a fine line between the lol wut threak and next level shit
  7. I'm selling a pair of brand new Nike x Undercover Gyakusou Lunarglide+ 5 JP / Sport Red & Gym Red / US 10 $110 including shipping & paypal fee price is firm / north america only / sorry no trades
  8. A++ great thread i'm currently on the search for a work bag as well, I carry a 15" Macbook, ipad mini, 1 maybe 2 notebooks. pencil holders are an (almost) absolute must. DSPTCH slingpack — this one is at the top of my list because it's a unique shape that can be worn on the back, but it also has a handle on top so you can walk into meetings looking a little less childish Triple Aught Design Dispatch Bag — a super technical briefcase, but it's a bit too big for my purposes. i have some TAD backpacks and i trust this briefcase would be worth the price Property Of... Dirk briefcase — i was considering this one because it's so classic and simple, but i decided it's too Filson-y for my current tastes. KILLSPENCER Briefcase 2.0 — my grail briefcase. perfect size but a bit too pricey. the leather and the heavy duty buckles on the front ...
  9. phen3N


    i just picked up one of those o-pens too, it's too cheap to not try. I'm pleasantly surprised with how strong it is, but damn mine tastes really bad. like cleaning supplies or something... I assume it's just the cartridge I got (Med-Ex Blue Dream), I'm gonna try a different brand next time
  10. phen3N

    shit you hate

    shit like this is the reason I'm self-employed. i bet they made you do team building exercises
  11. reds are still available
  12. phen3N

    ******ThE DoG ThReAD******

    is he not allowed to play with that thingy or what? he looks so ashamed...
  13. phen3N

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)

    it's been 24 years since Nothing Compares 2 U and Sinead O Connor is still our go-to reference for shaved head jokes