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  1. Visvim fw2017

    Shoes, bags and some of the latest oversized tees
  2. Visvim fw2017

    I think that's mainly because visvim is starting to price themselves out from the market. They are selling 1.5K Lhamo shirt, 400 bucks for a standard 3 pack t and shit.
  3. Visvim fw2017

    Doesn't look like I need to pick up anything from this season. Got pretty much all the essential stuffs I want from visvim already.
  4. MacBook.

    Yeah, their current software can be a bit confusing now. I fucking hate it. It was fine the way before, now there's like 2 layers of unnecessary bullshit before I can access my phone. That being said, I'm still gonna use iPhone since I've build my music library on iTunes and can't be bothered with starting over via android.
  5. VISVIM FW15

    Looks legit to me
  6. Visvim FW16

    Would be interesting if his current muse Jerry Lorenzo starts wearing more Visvim again lol.
  7. china :: hong kong :: general

    Anybody know if there's any RO outlets in HK like the Joyce outlet?
  8. Opinions on Visvim Ballistic 20L backpack

    Did you bought it in Hankyu?
  9. Apple iPhone 4

    Believe it or not, I'm still using 4s and 5s. I'll prolly do an upgrade when they release an iPhone 8.
  10. Opinions on Visvim Ballistic 20L backpack

    Which version did you cop, herp? Also, I don't think djrajio is over 6 ft tall?
  11. Visvim FW16

    You gotta know which ones are the regular release items that get distributed worldwide, which items are the FIL exclusives,vonline store and which are the ICT exclusives. Both the FIL and ICT exclusives are the ones most people use proxy for, since they can only be obtained at the physical stores and sometimes at the online stores. Even then, you are competing with dozens of HK and mainlanders proxy guys. That service pack looks like a regular item, so it's better to get it from Union.
  12. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    WTB: Visvim dot tunic size 2 or 3 is fine as long as item is in new / mint condition.
  13. Opinions on Visvim Ballistic 20L backpack

    I have 2 and I like it very much. Looking forward to wearing it each day, even though I've owned it for a couple of years already now. 20L have better aesthetic than the 22L one, IMO. The umbrella / selfie stick holderis a nice touch.
  14. Band shirts?

    I like band shirt as much as the next guy. But frankly speaking, the whole shit is too played out atm. With FOG, cotton on etc coming on full force to flood the market
  15. Visvim FW16

    It's new dyeing technique - sea salt water dye.