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Posted · Hidden by ulysses?, November 15, 2011 - i listed the wrong pricing
Hidden by ulysses?, November 15, 2011 - i listed the wrong pricing
Pricing for the monk sack?

the guy responded to me inquiry which I'll just post here so it's general knowledge

"Hey, pricing on both bags will be:

$350 for the M2

$400 for the Monk Sack.

Price includes worldwide express shipping w/ tracking information from Seoul Korea and a dust bag for the packaging. "

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Thanks, I agree the M2 pack looks better worn as well.

The cost for the amount of labor gone into the hand dyeing process is very high...along with them being hand made, all pieces had to be priced accordingly.

Thanks for the support so far guys. We're working on a lot other things for the future, we are keeping all your feedback in mind.

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Started an accessories line using natural Korean fabrics with traditional Korean fabrics. All the bags were hand made in Seoul and dyed in the countryside of Korea using persimmon fruit, gall nut, charcoal, ash, and other nuts and plants. I've only made a couple of pieces for now, but would love to hear what you guys think!

The colors go through a 4 week dyeing process (which I will elaborate on later if people are interested) but its pretty interesting. Also, every part of the fabric is different in terms of color/texture because of how random the amount of exposure to sun is to different parts of the fabric, so every piece is unique in their own way.

M2 Backpack


Some details:


Monk Sack



More pictures and information can be found at http://iisewear.com

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks guys.

Our beta E-Shop is up with both styles available at a promotional price, only a couple pieces available!

M2 Backpack: $250 (includes worldwide express shipping)

Monk Sack: $275 (includes worldwide express shipping)


Thanks for the support guys

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yoooo that merauder windbreaker is hard as fuckk

re-appropriating the supreme waistpack as a shoulder sling is cool, but not as comfy..

the visvim lumbar bags are more appropriate

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