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for those who have a master-piece fade, how does it fair in really heavy rain? ive went through several bags lately and ruined a couple books in some heavy rain. any suggestions on brands or fabrics that are good in rain? or waterproofing sprays

most decent bags use waterproof or highly water resistent fabrics, but very few brands go all the way in and seam tape their bags. avoid anything with a lot of seams and exposed zippers. if there are storm flaps to cover the zips, make sure they have a laminated membrane underneath, if the zippers aren't pu-coated that is. but i'd avoid pu coated zippers too, as they are very unreliable. if you want a proper rain proof bag, get something with a roll top. a seam sealed bacpack with a roll top will be expensive, but if it uses a good membrane you can pretty much drop it in the sea and it will remain dry on the inside. arc'teryx makes one thats super expensive and techninja as hell, i think its called arrakis. Exped makes some good ones too, but they are ugly.

but really, you could just get a raincover for like 10 bucks and put it on if it starts raining.

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any good backpacks for school? starting college in the fall, so i'm trying to find some options. was going to buy the filson rucksack, but i think it's a little pricey to use for school. i'm going to be carrying probably only a binder and a laptop (13 inch macbook pro). was looking into the herschel settlement in black (i know, it's shit but it's cheap and looks okay.) any other options? budget is under $100

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