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  1. Urban Techwear

    @ Soto Store Berlin Nike ACG Launch erlsn was there in the white jacket (instagram.com/its_smart)
  2. Urban Techwear

    The Moon Parka - A jacket made of synthetic spider silk Remember the Japanese biomaterials company Spiber? In 2013, they presented a cocktail dress made of Qmonos (from the Japanese word kumonosu meaning ‘spider web’), their present 11-year-10-design-iterations-and-656-gene-synthesis synthetic version of stronger than steel and more flexible than nylon lightweight spider silk.
  3. germany :: berlin :: general

    anyone know any good vintage/mil-surplus stores in berlin? havent seen any good ones yet
  4. Recent Purchases 2014

    Is that hair styling Aesop stuff?
  5. Fragrance Thread

    Just got a sample of Comme des Garcons Blue Cedrat, Anyone wear this?
  6. Post some "Next level" shit.

    not so next-level but many feels, can relate.
  7. Style Inspiration

    Imagine if google bought it to stop it falling into the hands of US military... Probably not though they have bought 8 other robotics companies recently.
  8. england :: london :: general

    Anyone know when the Liberty sale starts? (and how to get early access, members card?) /when do all the sales in central start kicking off
  9. Super Duper Awesome Gifs Ever (no porno)

    That was mental, its russia how does nobody have a gun ?
  10. WAYWT Shoes Edition

    No they are similar but made by a luxury shoes brand, forgot the name but it begins with C i think
  11. Post some "Next level" shit.

  12. anyone know what edition these sk8-lows are ? been searching 'vans sk8 low white' but cant find anything.
  13. Recent Purchases 2013

    Are these size 2? or like a scaled up version
  14. Last night I had a dream I was in a shoe shop and all they sold were vans slip-ons, but in lots of colors/materials/collabs...