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  1. _Evan ( @eg_83) _Current co ordinates : Latitude‎: ‎45.512794DMS Lat‎: ‎45° 30' 46.0584'' N [PORTLAND OREGON ] _Operating Rank : Sportswear Design professional / artist _Techwear Justification of interest : constant precipitation in PNW climate , active lifestyle. _Music preference : Techno _Activities of interest : Snowboarding, cycling, rock climbing, cooking, craft beer consumption _Animal preference : Shiba inu / klee kai mix (Eko Doggo)
  2. is that AO on the dylan shirt?
  3. Just get some arcteryx mainline and call it a day. You want functional, bombproof design and construction and good warranty over style.
  4. PDX store has in black. Theres also a padded insulated piece similar to this style thats real cool too.
  5. Anything with the 4way stretch material is quite compelling, water resitance with crazy amount of stretch. This piece is unisex and very interesting.
  6. WTB arteryx veilance monitor XL black
  7. If anyone has seen a veilance monitor in XL on sale please let me know!
  8. 20% off veilance
  9. Which coat is that branesplode? Looks great.
  10. Speedcross 3's are my backpacking shoes. Quite comfortable and solid shoe. Really interesting that salomon is entering that arena. That price is insane though.
  11. I went by snowpeak store today and was really impressed with this new stretch fabric called 4WAY theyre using on this stuff This is modeled on womens, though their entire range is listed as unisex. If I could find a XL in this in black it would be an autokop. I really liked this insulated long shirt thing, also listed as womens. Tried on the 4, and it was too short in the arms. Cool silhouettes, in some pretty interesting materials.
  12. Has anyone handled the alpine jacket, or any review / fit pics ?
  13. VAPORTHOUGHTâ„¢ : Veilance is for creative directors acg is for graphic designers acrnm is for ______?
  14. T site in daikanyama.