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  1. WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    reddit normies inbound
  2. arcteryx veilance

    Got a black galvanic IS off nords for 499$, stoked. First veilance kop.
  3. arcteryx veilance

    Some steals on nortdstrom rack 50/60% off.
  4. Techwear sale-steals

    Veilance 50-60% off. Kopped galvanic for 499$
  5. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    This CW is kinda hot! Kopped triple blacks on .com
  6. Has anyone experience with Shuron glasses?
  7. Stone Island Shadow Project

    How much are those XL's going for?
  8. The Great Outdoors

    These have been my goto for backpacking, though they say size .5 up and theres no 13.5, so i may switch over to some nike terra kiegers Anyone backpack/hike these? Just got a granite gear crown60 pack, so far so good. Quite light and comfy, a nice step up from REI flash65 to a simple UL pack that still has some comfort features to it. Can be had for 150$ right now. Also glad to see packs coming in non zany outdoor brand colors. [/IMG]
  9. Techwear sale-steals

    Veilance Galvanic 50%off size M
  10. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    Whats the "trend" name for that aesthetic, i forget. Something like palewear or ....? edit...Lunarcore NYT has a nice little article on the craig green costume design
  11. Urban Techwear

    Kobra belts are the ikea fashun hacks of techwear
  12. Urban Techwear

    85$ dog collar from killspencer :/
  13. Urban Techwear

    https://snowpeak.com/products/jk-16su007?variant=16700628356 Ive got this snow peak poncho type thing, and really like it. Nice oversized fit, packs into own pocket, good color, and its on sale.. Ive worn it in light rain and its held up fine.
  14. arcteryx veilance

    Thinking of kopping a Q4 2014 field jacket. Would this be a solid jacket for portland climate? Is the stow able hood practical in a environment of constant rain? Im in desperate need of a winter/gore tex jacket and this would fit in with my wardrobe. Any feedback from owners would be appreciated!
  15. Urban Techwear

    Any good techwear shopping in NYC?