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I need something with secure laptop storage and a decent amount of room. Trying to stay under $100.


Hate to repost but time is of the essence and I need to make a purchase for a trip coming up here soon. Need the power of the sufu hive mind to come through for me

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honestly you could probably do better than this, but i've used one of these ll bean bags for years and its perfect for a 15-inch laptop + space for stuff. i don't know how 'secure' you need, but it has a nice padded interior sleeve.


edit: black colorway

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UGH! I got that William Fox and Son backpack from the previous page except in red. I thought it would be a nice, simple bag I could use for work and for carrying things like magazines and a laptop when I go around the city. (Didn't want one that made me look like I was headed camping). Be careful what you wish for -- this shit is the flimsiest, cheapest thing I've ever felt! It's friggin small and there's no lining. I give this 4 months tops before it tears at the seams. Oh mighty Jansport to whom I've been loyal since the 6th grade..why did I let my whorish need for something new lead me astray from you??

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^ I think there's no back support on that one. might not be comfortable to carry around lots of stuff. it is supposed to be lightweight and durable, but most backpacks are already that. it reminds me of a dry bag, so if it is very waterproof it might make sense if you do a lot of rowing/kayaking/waterrafting.

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i need the tommy ton x club monaco backpack :(

can anyone suggest alternatives to this tommy ton x club monaco backpack please? thanks in advance





I actually found one today on shopbop online (they don't release in Canada for another week or so) - I believe I may have purchased the last one, but i'll be sure to sell it to one of you guys if I don't feel that strongly about it :)

Worst case scenario I could proxy one from the Bloor street location in Toronto.

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opinions on the outlier minimal backpack? Thinking about copping...


a buddy of mine copped it. Its extremely light and surprisingly distributes weight decently, but the material makes a loud ass ruffling noise. It does look like a garbage bag but if you roll it down it looks semi descent. Personally though I would just get the actual hyperlite bag that has the compression straps and such.

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Couple shots I took yesterday if you guys were interested in seeing them on a person.

We got like 8 styles total but these were my favorites. Can see the rest / purchase here.

:( , the black fade camo seems to have sold out. I'm tempted to just go for the white but I'm more keen on the black. Dropped you guys an email (coincidentally I'm visiting Boston, am at my last week here for a 1 month stint). Any chance of the black fade camo being back in stock?

How does the white fade camo compare?

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