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  1. SS17 is already in selected retailers
  2. designed the packaging and branding for a local florist. http://thecomposerdesign.com/Downers
  3. Anybody knows when would be the instore sales for Japanese brands ? Yohji comme?
  4. usually when will the sales start for stores like DSMGinza or any other fashion stores in Japan
  5. i read through the whole topic and most of the list are already in my lists, i just wanted to ask if somebody has more hidden preference. BTW my interest is art / photobooks
  6. hey guys, do you know of any independent bookstore in tokyo? i have some in my list but looking to add in more
  7. new book for urban development branding
  8. Thanks for the compliment Donburi! Currently I am putting together this book for a local gallery and working on my own publication house. The book below should be ready by next month.
  9. ' things i made over the couple few months, visit my website for more. www.thecomposerdesign.com
  10. http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n172266551 hi guys, recently my friend just bought this off jp yahoo auction... I was wondering is this really Rick Owens? It has no tags to be found and are the older rick owens void from his branding? please help. Please click the link to view a bigger picture... Dont know why uploads are small
  11. Hi guys, Is there anybody that know some manufacturer that does female footwear? I am looking for some contacts from USA, Paris or even China.
  12. guys, i know it's late, but do you think which is better to cope? the raf simons ss15 parka (in black with collage pictures) or the rs / sterling ruby (picture parka in beige) ?
  13. hi guys are these legit? http://page3.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c541664828 the price got me thinking whether it's legit or not ---- i think it's fake, since the tag doesnt says raf simons / sterling ruby