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  1. akuma no uta

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Wait what? Are you saying people didn’t get shit I mailed? I haven’t looked at that forum in ages cause I got bored with it.
  2. akuma no uta

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Gentle reminder: if you sell worn/used clothing above original retail you’re a fucking waste of life. Your personal bacteria does not increase the value of a product get Fucked.
  3. akuma no uta


    I got my pair at 1:05 and my girlfriends pair at 1:45. They just didn’t sell out as fast. And reminder: don’t pay reseller prices, ever. Hopefully this will slow down all the ACR hype and disgusting scumbags will leave it alone.
  4. akuma no uta


    Strange, was 1pm EST here in the USA. A lot of sizes were available for a few hours on the SNKRS app
  5. akuma no uta


    Nike release took 10 mins for normal sizes to sell out, other colors will just be as easy to get when the wide releases happen.
  6. akuma no uta


    Trending on StockX under $300 and they haven’t even released on Nike.com yet lol
  7. Wow!!! Standing ovation man. You got customers out the ass lined up here already. That wool 1 piece is possibly one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.