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  1. Price drop on my KMTRs, now $135 shipped in the US, pics on previous page.
  2. FS: black KMTRs in 11.5. Worn 4-5 times. Includes box. $150 shipped within US.
  3. Wtb: (don't come at me with hype reseller prices either, I've been in this game longer than you have and you're just a temporary joke) cashmere accessories (shemagh, gaiter, beanie) ss-j7c XL E-J23 XL black
  4. Glad I got mine when they were barely able to sell for $800 a few months ago. Y'all is crazy with these prices
  5. My KMTR will be here today, I also received the FW tech fleece sweatpants on Saturday ($60 yo) and the olive cargos on Friday ($150 yo) the KMTR is exactly how I expected it to be lightweight, soft, and supremely cozy. I took an 11.5 in them, I wear a 12 in flyknit racers and an 11 in sock darts. The buckle takes some getting used to to close it while the shoe is on, and the small strings to tighten the shoes are great. If they would do these with a thicker dry skin esque material I'd probably jizz a little. i sized up on the cargos from my first pair, L to XL, and I gotta say the cut is way different. Not as aggressively tapered, and much longer. The thighs and waist are about the same as the large. I threw them in the wash on high heat and dried the same and they lost a lot of the length. The fabric is way heavier, but less breathable and the stretch isn't as noticeable The tech fleece sweats are GIANT. I could probably fit a medium. Super drop crotch, and just slightly too long to be a cropped fit. I'll keep these and try and grab some smaller sizes just to try. I know now not to buy the wovens in this size now.
  6. There are several grey ones on eBay now at a lower price
  7. I have a feeling the FW version (if they make one) will be more like a schoeller dryskin for the top.
  8. And how much?
  9. Did they say when?
  10. The small items always sell out fast. Both ACG and gyakusou. I copped the shoes, waiting on everything else.
  11. I'm not talking about retail, I'm talking about value. A worn set 1 should be more valuable than a used J1A-S. it's an issue when the secondary market value is being determined by the sellers and not the consumers.
  12. ^^ those are my 2nd most wanted item but fuck paying $295 for them
  13. Had a discussion with a friend about artificial inflation. Got it based on occult books we collect. See, when 1-2 people extremely artificially inflate the price of an object, other people with that object or similar objects will also push their prices higher. Maybe not sky high as the original inflators, but still way beyond market value. When you see an object then posted at a much lower price, the uninformed consumer won't go for it, assuming it's fake or damaged, since they are used to the artificial prices. The only way way to combat this is to let the market determine value. 2 months ago p-10's were selling for $500-$600. New consumers didn't see those, so now they assume they are worth $1200+. It'll only be when either: 1. They get tired of having their products sit and take them lower 2. The market is continuously introduced to objects in the more correct market value. Feeding into the flames by selling your own your own products at the artificial inflation may be nice to your wallet, but it will hurt later on down the road.
  14. 1pm EST
  15. So far the only items I've never seen for extreme discount have been the balaclava and the scaiter thing. The lupineks sell for $100 now, I got my 2 in 1 from the first season for $220, and I've ever seen the alpine jacket for $350 or so. It's just a patience game.