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  1. markdjr


  2. markdjr

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I can't believe nobody swooped for $150.... great price and fun shoes.
  3. markdjr


    I don't love the rips either, I think this looks good. I just saw on IG someone did a contrast stitch to close them up which I really like.
  4. markdjr


    I was thinking of doing the same and coloring in the white fabric under. I did find someone to trade heel clips with me, the black/black looks great and I think the yellow goes really well with the maroon.
  5. markdjr


    No way, some of the heel clips are very rad and I agree that we will be seeing more of this kind of thing going forward. The grey reverse swoosh/double lace clip is so sick and is what made me decide to buy the shoes.
  6. markdjr


    I am surprised not more blazer discussion on here. I was not that excited about it initially, but as soon as I saw the 3d prints I pulled the trigger. They are awesome, I am hoping someone will reach out or refer a source to get the replacement heel caps printed. I found a place locally that quoted over $400 usd for SLS, which I cannot justify.
  7. markdjr


    Does anybody know if Solebox is printing in SLS per the recommendation? I got a quote locally from someone who wanted $423 for a pair of heel attachments in SLS....
  8. markdjr


    Anyone have a plug on 3d printing in the US? I want to get some of these Blazer heel covers made.
  9. markdjr


    Is there an email that goes out about the drop or is everyone just refreshing the site constantly? Bummed I missed the V5-PX.
  10. markdjr


    3a-1 prices are really driving home my age, when I was a kid you could get a 3a-1 for around $500. Not complaining, just saying I think I'm getting old...
  11. markdjr


    Anyone happen to have info on V5-PX?
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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