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  1. Leeacto

    comics/graphic novels you've been reading

    Just finished 100 Bullets last weekend. Holy crap was it awesome. I think I might like it more than Preacher.
  2. Leeacto


    Yeah, they're both a little different, but good. DBs will get all those stabilizers, but BB will help you move weight. I'd do them both. Personally, I do standing BB Press the most. I used to take the reps down each week, but now I think I want to stay above 6 reps per set. doing 5 x 3 or whatever isn't enough overall poundage.
  3. Leeacto


    Still do lower body. Just do it in compound movements. Try things like Cleans, Deadlifts, Squats, Thrusters (front squat to overhead press). Better to move everything forward and let it even out as opposed to focusing on one thing.
  4. Leeacto


    Yeah, how's your form? The feeling of Jelly Legs is pretty normal (for me) in squat also. But the fact that your DL is 410+ (pretty good) makes me think you should be able to squat 315 a bit easier. Have you played around with your stance at all? The closer your feet are, the more quads you use. I have a pretty medium stance, but I like to finish with a wider and lighter set to get more out of my hips.
  5. Leeacto


    Yeah, that's a lot of grip work where the weight + gravity work against you. I typically don't do cleans and DL on the same day. I did in HS, but that's when you can program anything and it'll work. I'd separate. DL'd yesterday. A little sore from a tiring workout Friday, but pulled 3 x 4 @ 365. Not great, but good for how I was feeling.
  6. Leeacto


    I just went right into it with the hook grip. Same weight, same everything. I don't hook pull ups, though. It hurts a little at first. Either you can tape your thumbs or not care. I do the latter. You'll see a massive improvement in how your cleans feel
  7. Leeacto

    comics/graphic novels you've been reading

    Anyone else finish up Sweet Tooth? I thought it was great. Anyone reading Think Tank? I've read a few issues. so-so on it
  8. Leeacto


    Do you guys squat with the bar positioned high on your back (Oly style) or lower underneath the traps (Powerlifting)? I've always done it PL style, but wondering if posture may get more upright if I have high bar positioning. When I try it up high, it's usually pretty painful on my traps, though.
  9. Leeacto


    I wear a belt in squat if I'm going over 335. DL about the same. I wear wrist wraps (around the wrist, not the bar) for about 225 and up bench and 200+ clean. While belts inhibit stabilizer muscles, wrist wraps aren't really inhibiting wrist/forearm strength that much (I think). So they're fine about any time. If you're really new to lifting, I second the 3x/week compound lift method. Maybe bench and squat Mon/Fri and Clean/DL on Wed. That's what our high school routine was. Go until you plateau and then get serious about being strong.
  10. Leeacto


    Yeah for sure man. That's awesome. My tri's are still generally strong since I've stopped powerlifting, but my bench has fallen off quite a bit. How do you structure chest days? I recall that I did tri/delt stuff Tuesdays and Friday was bench/back (or something to that effect).
  11. Leeacto


    Well I definitely did more benching than squatting/dl in high school (the numbers I referenced). In competition a few years back (at peak) I benched 335 and DL'ed 455, so those are more "normal" numbers. My main point was that 200 is pretty attainable. How many kids in high school bench 200 vs. DL 400+? Is 525/350/575 your combo? What's your height/weight? I feel like I've asked you before, but this thread is years old now.
  12. Leeacto


    Mm...I disagree. Granted, I have shorter arms, but I was benching 300 when my DL was around 375. 200lb bench isn't that hard. But actually, I didn't realize it said 150 for 3 x 5. Right there's probably a 185+ 1RM. So he's probably in about the right spot. And also, body weight is usually a factor.
  13. Leeacto


    Nice work. With a 300+ DL, it's only time before you get that bench up well over 200. Obviously it's upper vs lower body, but DL recruits about all of your muscles. Keep hacking away. Quick update on my squatting: A while ago I said that I was going to squat every day 80-90% of 1RM. I'm still doing it and the results are pretty good. I don't absolutely have to go up in weight every time, but I try to keep in a +/- 10lb band. I started off finishing w/ a single at 340. Now I'm finishing my single at about 375. On a regular squat day (I did 8-6-4-2), I went up to 385, failing on the 2nd rep. My knees feel decent still, and I'm focusing on form (keeping that back up and down instead of leaning fwd). I think it's translating into other stuff I do (like Crossfit workouts). I have a lot more energy now (or at least my confidence is up). You don't have to squat every day like me, but make sure you do it....often.
  14. Leeacto

    good hip hop

    Yeah what happened?