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i'm in the opposite category, looking for a small (10-15L) daypack to replace my beat generic muji thing. my main requirement is that it has some kind of side pocket for a water / coffee bottle but current trends are: uber tech mountaineering pack, super-sleek urban cycling pack and vintage "nothing is useful about this" pack and more or less looking to avoid that. kinda bummed that i missed the black camo master-piece fade since that just about fits the bill other than being slightly bigger than i need.

i'm kind of tempted to go ll bean even though i hate ll bean, so that pretty much tells the story...

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George Guest from Boston makes a solid pack, classic design with some innovation through magnetic roll-top closure, thick canvas with leather accents. Good to go!

They were features on HBTV last summer:

Comes in black too:


I've got this bag. Only a month now but it is extremely well designed. Sometimes I wish the main opening was a bit wider but it's not real issue. It's worth the asking price. Not an insane deal but you do get what you pay for. It's the kind of bag you will most likely have 10 years down the road. You can tell a lot of thought went into it.

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Been through this thread and haven't seen exactly what I'm looking for... but the Altadena Teardrop is pretty close.

  • black (no particular material)
  • leather accents (preferable tan-ish)
  • side pocket(s) for a fairly large water bottle when traveling
  • bigger than the Teardrop but not huge
  • not Visvim price

Those are the specs that I'm looking for --- any help would be greatly appreciated.

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can anyone recommend a good bag for a bike commuter.

I will be carrying:

- 13" Macbook Pro (hopefully iPad in a few days)

- 3 folders

- 2 books

- tee shirt and shorts for the gym

- dress shirt and pants for work

- possibly a pair of shoes

- U-lock

All of this will barely fit into my chrome citizen. Was thinking about mission workshop, but wanted to see what other options there were. budget is about $200~ (I wanted to find the MWS on sale somewhere)

This is the MWS bag i was looking at


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Hidden by tablo, March 20, 2012 - No reason given

have u considered a secure case that way you can theoretically use any bag?

what kind of laptop do you have?

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