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  1. Skincare recommendations

    I'll be honest, I tried a ton of stuff for this over the years. A lot of really expensive brands too. Face wash, tea tree oil, masks... You name it. All were hit or miss for me and I probably wasted $300 total in 5 years trying to solve my breakout problem. Finally found 2 products that just work: -Freeman brand masks. Ironically way cheaper than other masks I tried but shit do they work. Once a day. -And this shit https://www.etsy.com/listing/96950865/facial-soap-for-oily-skin-all-natural?ref=shop_home_active_7 Keep it in the shower and use it only on the face. It's magic I swear. I spent years using all these acidic face washes that burned the hell out of my face. Never again man.
  2. Oxford Shirts

    Who makes a short sleeve Oxford in XS? I can't find many at all.
  3. usa :: new york :: general

    Anyone in NYC willing to let me sleep on their floor for a couple days? Long shot I know... I live in Atlanta. Just got my 4 year degree and saved enough for a plane/train ticket and some shopping money. Honestly you would never see me as I plan to shop all day for 2 or 3 days. Just need a floor to lay on at night. I'll buy my own food. A shower or two would be appreciated though. It would be a bonus if you knew of any stores/spots that aren't listed online.
  4. Backpacks

    I'm starting grad school soon. I need a weekend bag/daypack. Currently looking at these two but I need other recomendations: George Guest Hillside - I owned this bag before but my car window was shattered and everything stolen. It was a good bag. Looks a bit goofy at times. Still a killer EDC. Filson Grey Wool Rucksack - Probably a little classier. Doesn't hold quite as much but I like the simpler design. Anything else I should look at? My ceiling is $300.
  5. These are new from Blue Owl. I have given them a single hot soak but they didn't shrink as much as I figured so I'm passing them on. Inseam was hemmed to 33" by Jay himself. Measurements are still the same as on Blue Owl, but the thigh and knee have shrunk by roughly .20 inches. And the inseam has shrunk to about 32.7" The waist honestly didn't shrink much if at all. Killer fabric with the ZImbabwe and Memphis cotton. I really wanted to keep these. Since they are basically new with just a hot soak I'm thinking $175 shipped CONUS is a good deal.
  6. Momotaro X Naked and Famous Skinny Guy 8 months effective wear. 2 washes.
  7. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Momotaro X Naked and Famous Skinny Guy 8 months effective wear. 2 washes.
  8. So I bought a pair of Japan Blue 0406's and they were just a tad big, so I elected to do a hot soak rather than going down a size. I soaked them for 1 hour in 50c water. Let them dry outside and they did not shrink at all. I was very surprised. Is it worth doing a 3 hour soak or something? Will I be losing too much indigo? Or am I stuck where I'm at?
  9. Naked & Famous Denim

    Japan Blue was my answer to that one. Slim fits but higher rise than N&F
  10. Naked & Famous Denim

    WIll the royalcast fade basically the same as the natural indigo? I know the royalcast is a slightly lighter shade. I wish there were fade pics available.
  11. Eternal Jeans

    Since the 883's are already pre-washed do they not shrink much at all? I'm hoping not. The measurements on them look perfect for me and I don't want much if any shrinkage.