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  1. baldy

    new balance

    i missed the 990 NYRR whyyyyyyy. need them in a 10 someone halp
  2. baldy

    Clothing for The Great Outdoors

    any suggestions on hiking pants?
  3. baldy

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    anybody know where I can find the overdyed m-65??? been searching everywhere I feel like they're extinct
  4. baldy

    Washing Your Denim - solutions and process

    I've had a bad experience with the spin cycle creasing my jeans and with indigo loss at the crease. I think mostly had to do with the jeans still being pretty starchy. No I try to avoid the spin and just hang dry after
  5. baldy

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Any recommended cobblers in nyc area?
  6. baldy

    A D I D A S

    I'm pretty hyped for upcoming basketball, def getting the drose and crazylight boost. can't wait to see the lillard 3
  7. baldy


    has any of you tried the 900 yet?
  8. baldy

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I only found these from Rakuten, I am getting them repaired right now at SE so I cannot measure them for a couple weeks... Select a size Guide Size notation Inch West Length Front rise After the rise Cotton リ幅 Hem width 29 72 cm 89 cm 29 cm 37 cm 27.5 cm 19 cm 30 74 cm 89 cm 30 cm 37.5 cm 28.5 cm 19.5 cm 31 76 cm 89 cm 30.5 cm 38 cm 29 cm 19.5 cm 32 78 cm 89 cm 31 cm 38.5 cm 29.5 cm 20 cm 33 80 cm 89 cm 31.5 cm 39 cm 30 cm 20.5 cm 34 82 cm 89 cm 32 cm 40 cm 30.5 cm 21 cm 36 87 cm 89 cm 32.5 cm 42.5 cm 32 cm 22.5 cm 38 91 cm 89 cm 33 cm 43.5 cm 33.5 cm 23 cm
  9. baldy

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    how do the 710's compare to SC66? They are my favorite jeans right now but am looking for something a little slimmer. My 34 is good in the waist and pretty relaxed everywhere else
  10. baldy


    so did someone see you or call you out on it a few times or something...?
  11. baldy


    msg being bad for you is a myth btw
  12. baldy


    just say excuse me wth. it's like an everyday thing
  13. baldy

    The Flight Jacket Thread

    anybody interested in a pretty much brand new Aero A-2 Bronco in russet jerky? doesn't fit and willing it to let it go for a cheap.
  14. baldy

    Photography Post Vol. 2

    amazing, reminds me of natgeo stuff