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    what are you watching today?

    actually really liked this
  2. otlyaa

    Asian TV Drama

    wow it's literally 4 years later to the day i'm happening to visit this site... i'm still watching asian tv dramas. currently watching: my liberation notes (kr. not gonna lie i love this) -slice of life family drama, highly recommendddd my ex-boyfriend's will (jp) - mediocre but watchable. ayase haruka. nothing else really. watched the silent sea and through the darkness recently also but they were both just -ok-. short list of memorable and above average shows i watched in the last few years: lost (kr) - drama, actually verry veryy good if you like noona romance... i do... watcher (kr) - crime thriller - very decent, has season 2 slated to come out this summer?/fall the lies within (kr) - crime thriller - i really like lee minki in this role children of nobody (kr) - crime thriller/drama beyond evil (kr) - crime thriller - kinda good, has some moments that were amazing, some less so ore no ie no hanashi (jp) - comedy - from the same writer of ikebukuro west gate park, stars nagase tomoya again. was hilarious, easy to watch 35sai no shoujo (jp) - family drama, i actually really liked this even tho it fell off at times. was mostly good tho rikokatsu (jp) - comedy - this was funny and a good follow up if you ever watched saikou no rikon. stars eita in a similar plot line, sudden marriage etcetc high class (kr) - drama - the story was decent, but i mostly watched because i wanted to be cho yeojung here, she looks amazing. its in a similar vein to woman of dignity if you watched that sweet home (kr) - horror?? or maybe just scifi thriller. i enjoyed this a lot. also song kang.. secret forest season 2 (kr) crime/political thriller - first season was better actually. i wish ahn gil ho had signed up for the second season. it was good still, but not as great. still a good followup the good detective - crime /family drama - this is more wholesome end, i liked it well tho. wanitokagegisu (jp) -? mystery? idk. to lazy to check if i posted this in 2017, but this was also decent. different. decent. touch your heart (kr) -corrrrrnnnny romcom - i love the corn, it was very cute that's probably it, if it didn't make this list i guess it wasn't memorable enough. shows i plan to maybe watch: invisible (jp) cus kou shibasaki. first 20 mins of ep 1 was kindof boring. woori the virgin (kr) then maybe finish forecasting love and weather which i kind of dropped a month or two ago bye to this thread for whatever the next time leap is.
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