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  1. otlyaa

    Asian TV Drama

    i am watching now : love rerun (jp) signal (jp remake of kr) you inhabit my life (or whatever the name is, jp) unnatural (jp) anone (jp, actually pretty wack but who cares) wok of love (kr) best kdrama i seen since ever: secret forest (prison playbook close thirdish, secret forest got first and second) best jdrama i seen since 2015: none cus 99% of jdramas is boring. jimi ni sugoi was O.K., also the drama version of watashi wo hanasanaide was p good. like, i aint read the book, but it was pretty good, got ayase haruka and miura haruma in it, both good in their roles) my ultimate fav still saikou no rikon cus eita and his ears was great in that role. i used to be into ayano gou, but there's only so much hebigao man i can take and he actually not that good at acting, but i still watch him from time to time (he was O.K. in bride of rip van winkle). still like kora kengo cus he cute but whatever. sakaguchi kentarou also for the same reason, but whatever. for ktown, jo jung suk is actually pretty good (jealousy incarnate was really good [+ heavy dose of kcorniness]), and as much as jang hyuk's mouse lips annoy me, he pretty good too as pil joo in money flower. cho seung woo is underrated, but that man's a real actor, very good in secret forest (also cus of bae doona's support), and good in a different way in horse doctor. ishihara satomi goes in too, minus me being focused on her tarako lips, but she is pretty good in all the stuff i seen her in, makes sense she rakin in . also, terrace house. not really a drama since it's a "reality" show but this my show real talk. been watching since the boys and girls in the city season (hawaii was straight garbage) and currently watching the opening new doors season. one of the few worthwhile things i did since my last time here is learn jp so i can watch without subs, terrace house fr straight trash but good to watch.
  2. otlyaa

    who here is drunk?

    welcome to 2018. aint been on here since 2015, crazy to think i first found this place 10 years ago. really shaped my way of thinking for a couple years until i realized most of the ppl on here is actually wack in reality. who knew the site would be so dead. is there any alternative site with similar feel? i guess not. even twitter half dead.
  3. otlyaa

    shit you hate

  4. otlyaa

    who here is drunk?

  5. otlyaa

    what are you watching today?

    hated this. i like ayano gou but everything ive watched with him in it recently has sucked. watched a month or two ago. liked this better than poetry. huge disappointment compared to poetry and oasis. probably this week i'll watch peppermint candy if i can find it.
  6. otlyaa

    shit you hate

    i pulled/overextended my hip about a month ago. tried to come back into running once but 2 miles in i had to stop because of the pain, so it's been some weeks since i last ran. i had planned to start up again tomorrow, but today when i went out, after errands/walking for some hours, the pain was still there... sucks that i can't run. i want to get back and have been stretching, but now i recently read that it takes 5 weeks or more to fully heal a hip injury. oh well, i don't wanna rush it, but it makes me realize how much exercising improves my overall mood...
  7. otlyaa

    worst movies you've ever seen...

    me you and everyone we know
  8. otlyaa

    Stationery: pens, pencils, notebooks,etc.

    i still think gel based inks are garbage for the most part, but i gave them another chance recently. bought a couple of the pilot hi tec-c at 0.5 and 0.3. the 0.3 is maybe perfect width, but they skip a lot and i dont always write with my paper down so thats a problem. but after that i purchased a pentel slicci 0.25mm in black, and it is the best gel pen ive ever used. hasnt skipped on me but once (so far), and is pretty black, writes a nice clear line. i use it to write chinese/japanese characters a lot too and it keeps my otherwise bad handwriting pretty readable. definitely recommend. got it for like $3 at an art supply shop, but its available online as well obv only flaw with the slicci other than my mistrust of gel inks is that the barrel is really slender, so if you have big hands it might be uncomfortable/you might want to buy a rubber grip, but i dont so idrk. i havent tried the other colors either(it comes in a ton) so i cant vouch for them.
  9. otlyaa

    Asian TV Drama

    lol at this dead thread started springtime of my life and it's o.k., but the female lead is annoying, actually both the guy and girl are. also up to date with Subete ga f ni naru. it's a bust basically. a lot of suspension of disbelief is required, weirdly filmed scenes... the plot set up doesnt really make sense to me. the setting seems like modern day, but there is one aspect of highly futuristic technology which is the magata institute??? ayano gou is o.k., i'm probably gonna continue watching, but i'm waiting for them to tie the loose ends. why they keep showing the seminar assitant i dunno. guess he was prominent in the manga or w/e dunno heisei's not subbed so thats out. watched the first few eps of dear sister, but ishihara satomi always plays irritating roles. watching the korean reality show roommate and i like it. it's pretty funny sometimes. also just started my princess.
  10. otlyaa

    What are you listening at right now

  11. otlyaa

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    lol at ppl who come on the bus and tap they card like 5 times as if they don't no why it keeps saying no credit. lol you know you aint got no money on there. and the bus driver just be looking