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  1. kpnv


  2. kpnv

    arcteryx veilance

    just break all the taped seams and put duct tape on it.
  3. kpnv

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J46-S Medium. preferably black.
  4. kpnv

    arcteryx veilance

    haedn is that blazer brainboy is talking about
  5. kpnv

    Urban Techwear

    you can always take the patches off though, isn't that what everyone does? i certainly dont walk out with STONE ISLAND on my arm. nvm the chavs
  6. kpnv

    Urban Techwear

    can anyone care to comment on the sizing / fit of mainline arcteryx vs veilance? i actually only own veilance and generally go with S but i'm looking at a fission and atom
  7. kpnv

    Korny Azn Gurlz

  8. kpnv

    Urban Techwear

    techwear wallet = mobile phone
  9. kpnv

    Urban Techwear

    i think most people who baulk at wearing expensive techwear probably just can't justify/afford it. i don't mean it as a slight but clearly, fans of techwear appreciate that a 1k shell keeps them dry and probably fly as fuck at the same time. but i can't ever imagine bringing myself down to peasant status holding an *gasp* umbrella.
  10. kpnv

    Urban Techwear

    like a football cleat crossed with a durian
  11. FS: Veilance Blazer LT, Black Size M. fits a little bigger. i normally wear mediums in everything and this is a little big on me for a blazer. bought from pedestoffer and only tried on, never worn out. asking $400+shipping from australia.
  12. kpnv


    when they going to finish da movie?
  13. kpnv

    Korny Azn Gurlz

  14. kpnv

    arcteryx veilance

    frankie is spot on. of all the stuff veilance has put out, the voronoi pant is the one thing where i would not hesitate to kop at full retail.
  15. kpnv

    Ballin' on a Budget

    the best advice i can give to budget baller wannabes is to make more money.